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    Outdoor PIR pet "immunity" (Pyronix XDL12TT-AM)

    Appreciate the frustration but you’ve mounted the kit way too high. That’s what’s causing the false alarms. Would it be a big job to drop the cabling by a half metre to metre?
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    Pyronix enforcer

    Doing a full reset seems overkill. Can you go into change inputs on the engineer mode and put the info of each logged input into a reply here Also go into site options > exit modes and post what the exit mode is set as for A and B
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    Pyronix enforcer

    Was everything working before you changed something in error? You can fully reset the system settings either deleting or keeping the PIRs attached to the panel or alternatively we can try and resolve step by step.
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    Pyronix enforcer

    Just change the setting back that you changed in error What is the actual problem you have?
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    Pyronix alarm homecontrol 2.0 error

    Is your router running dual band?
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    Pyronix Wireless Deltabell Tamper

    Tampers can be replaced. Potential you’ve inadvertently broken the bell box cover one if you weren’t sure what you were doing they are very sensitive. There’s also a screw one that senses whether it’s being pulled away from the fascia of the building
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    Pyronix Alarm - Error Message

    You could change just the device with the issue but the advice is to replace all
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    pyronix alarm - wireless low batt

    Show us a photo of the inputs and we can work out what batteries or alternatively punch in the engineers code, open the sensors up to check what batteries are needed, order them up and do this again to change them when they come You are as well changing them all
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    Pyronix door sensor

    And what if someone targeting your property waited until you left, disabled your external sirens in broad daylight in a way that appeared they were in fact an alarm company…. Only to come back of an evening to break in? The end user comes home notices a tamper on their panel looks at the...
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    Pyronix door sensor

    My message above applies. Until you try you won’t know whether the engineer has set it up for solely an engineer reset. If you have an engineer company you could ask them if it goes pear shaped Either way it sounds like you need to remove the sensor so…
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    Pyronix door sensor

    No the tamper will go off. Stop it with your code and hopefully your engineer has set it up so that your code can reset the tamper also.
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    Pyronix alarm setting

    Just needs to be closed before the set times out.
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    Pyronix alarm setting

    Exit door can be open at the point of setting.
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    DIY House Alarms

    I’m not overly familiar with that system but if you download the manuals no reason you’d struggle to maintain yourself. Plenty of folk will offer helpful advice here too.
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    DIY House Alarms

    Let’s start with what you’ve currently got installed?
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    Pyronix Euro 46 strange tag issue

    Have another try. Could have been a glitch when it triggered the wireless arming process.
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    Pyronix Euro 46 strange tag issue

    Did you try it a second time with the new tag?
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    Replacing Alarm Panel - External Sounder Hold Off

    Whatever you end up doing get an email address for Fiona Bruce and get that bad boy onto the telly! :D
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    Wasps showing an interest in my shed…

    Having been stung in the past provoking them only by eating an ice lolly in their vicinity, albeit in my garden where they don’t pay rent, if you want to be inside your shed with the bar stewards feel free - I’d rather give them a wider berth