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    Flashing around a sky light

    I've got a leaky roof light, I can't climb onto the roof and take a really close look 'cos I think the roof will collapse under my weight, this picture shows it quite well. I'm guessing the flashing needs to be replaced. Is it easy to pull up the existing flashing and replace with something...
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    Slow draining sink

    My daughter has a kitchen sink that takes a long time to empty. I disconnected the pipes under the sink, there's no blockage in them. See the photos attached, I've checked on-line and I haven't seen any examples of sink pipework/traps that look like this. After the trap it seems like the pipe...
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    Only 30 to 40mm screed

    Hi, I've built an extension and after casting the concrete floor, I realised I'd only left enough height for a screed of between 30 and 40mm, I understand the screed should be 50mm. Should I just go for it and screed it anyway, is there an additive to make it stronger, or should I use some...
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    Radiator stuck on hot

    I have a radiator that is stuck on hot. The knob turns correctly, but it just stays hot. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Making good after I've installed a lintel

    As you can see I've installed a lintel, I've got the little bit of stud built, now ready for the door. How do I make good? I'm guessing I use bonding to bring it out level with the existing wall, then multifinish the complete wall (I'll get a plasterer to do that bit). What about the reverse...
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    Making good after I've installed a lintel

    I'm about to install this type of lintel into a block work wall (between our kitchen and Lounge), as I'm creating an opening. How do I make it good? Should I use hardwall or bonding to build it up then skim over? Any help appreciated.
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    Installing a lintel

    I'm creating an opening of 1500mm in an internal block wall. I have a lintel (1800mm long), I've checked the joists above, they run parallel to the wall so there's no joists resting on the blockwork. However, the blockwork does continue up as it forms the wall to our bedroom. Am I okay to...
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    Boxing in a lintel

    At some point in the future we will be removing our conservatory and having an extension, we will then open up a large piece of cavity wall to link into the extension. In the short term I have created a small opening (width of a door) in the cavity wall so we can get into the conservatory...
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    screwing plasterboard to plasterboard

    Prior to us moving in, our Lounge wall was apparently very wet so they had it tanked, then platerboarded (I'm assuming dot and dabbed). I now want to fix plasterboard to the old plasterboard (long story), I would like to screw it, does this mean I will need to use plasterboard fixings? Thank...
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    Cracked Cistern

    The bottom of this plastic cistern has cracked when I was tightening the large nut underneath. I will be changing it out completely at some point. In the short term is there something I can use to seal over the crack, from inside and outside? I tried using silicone but it hasn't worked. Any...
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    Replacing porch doors/windows

    We have this very dated porch on the front of our house, I'd like to update it by removing the existing door and windows and installing a new door with sidelights like this; The existing footings and concrete floor can remain, I would just need to widen the opening (to fit the new, wider...