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    Dripping/creaking noise ensuite

    Hi, So in my ensuite when the shower is on,tap is on or toliet is fushed I can sometimes hear like a banging creaking or dripping noise. I have no signs of water on any ceiling or anything else that would indicate a leak,although what else could it be? The drain pipes are not accessible so my...
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    Upgrading oil boiler Firebird Super Q 50/90

    Hi, I currently have an old Firebird 50/90 oil boiler..does the job heats the house well. However it is located inside the utility room,pump to the right and flue straight out through the back wall....I would like to upgrade to a more efficient boiler and position it outside to save some space...
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    bathroom ventilation

    Hi, Looking for some advice on an ensuite bathroom, all internal wall and no window. Currently have a decent inline extractor fan installed venting through a roof vent tile, however there is still quite an annoying staleness to the air in the bathroom especially if hasn't been used for a while...
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    2 bathroom extractor vents 1 fan, 1 vent tile.

    Hi, I want to wire an inline extractor fan to extract 2 bathrooms, extractor comes on with light switch. Can anyone provide the wiring diagram to prevent back feed for the light into the other bathroom, I think a relay is required? thank you
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    Cloakroom bathroom close coupled toilet fitting

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with my close coupled toilet fitting. I have purchased an RT Large Maria toilet because I knew I needed a toilet to fit a soil pipe 18cm away from the wall. This was the toilet I was told would fit. I have bought a swan neck fitting and cut to the smallest...
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    Veritas 8 Compact

    Hi, I am replacing an old 1987 Horizon alarm panel with a Texecom Veritias 8 Compact and need some help confirming a few of the wires to be transferred over. So I have the supply no problem. All the zones labelled so should be straight swap. Black and yellow tamper circuit, sticking with...
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    Hive Controller wiring for Firebird 50/90

    Hi, I need help identifying wires from my old firebird boiler. I only ever turn the boiler on or off and always have it on HW/CWW so a simple control on the power switch for the boiler would be enough for me. - I have the live,neutral and earth coming in from breaker. -white wire from...