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    Storing fire doors until fitting

    I have a couple of solid core 44mm fire doors that won’t be fitted for a few months. One is finished and the other has a narrow glazed panel and hasnt been finished. I did have them vertical leant against the wall for about a month, but I just read that can warp them. I don’t have room to lay...
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    Should i remove worktop skirting?

    I need to tile a kitchen splashback. Currently the wall is painted with emulsion. The laminate worktop has some skirting at the wall, should I remove this before I tile? If so how to get a good waterproof seal where tile meets worktop? Thanks
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    How to level stepped plasterboard?

    I have an area above a door where the plasterboard is stepped because the stud framing was off. Can I just apply bonding over the shaded bit to level it ready it for skimming? Also , do I need to prepare the joins and edge at the ceiling with mesh tape or paper tape or can I just put bonding...
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    How to repair bathroom wall?

    I moved the bathroom door frame which meant I need to build out part of the bathroom wall to be level to the frame. I’m thinking of renovating the bathroom soon - is it worth going ahead and overboarding the existing plasterboard with additional standard 9mm board to bring it flush to the frame...
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    Loose glass in glazed fire door

    I bought this glazed FD30 fire door and the glass moves a bit and rattles . Is this normal?
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    Do I need to use treated wood to raise boards?

    I’m adding 90mm of timber across existing 170mm joists to raise loft boards so I can get 260mm of insulation under them Do I need to use treated timber for this job or is untreated OK?
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    What timber for adding height to overboarded insulation?

    i have 170mm joists, and I want to board an area 1.2m x 2.4m . i was thinking of using C24 untreated timber which is 90mm high, so I’d get 260mm of fibreglass insulation plus the OSB boards on top. Is it ok to use untreated timber for this? Is it ok to not have an air gap above the insulation...
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    How to raise level of loft boards?

    So I want to add insulation and then board over it - the joists are already 170mm deep so I only need another 100mm insulation. There’s not much headspace and loft legs are too long. I was thinking of running some timber around 125mm x 45mm across the existing joists which are 170mm x 45mm, so...
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    How to plaster over uneven boards?

    I had a wall that was not parallel to the wall opposite, so I built it out with plasterboard and moved the door frame a bit. How can I plaster over the stepped plasterboard, should I use undercoat/bonding first? It will be at least 12.5mm at the deepest bit (see pics 1 and 2) . There is also a...
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    Upvc window doesn’t close properly

    I have a small upvc window that won’t fully close, there is a gap of almost 10mm on the hinge side at the bottom only. It will only close if I slam it which doesn’t seem like a good idea. How can I fix this? Its on the 1st floor.
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    How to glue or attach this loose flashing?

    There is a small dormer with a window in my roof, and the upvc window is catching on the flashing above it which has come unglued from the timber it is supposed to be glued onto. How should I re- attach the flashing to the timber above the window? Can I just glue it or should it be screwed or...
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    Sealing easifill

    I skimmed over part of the wall next to a door with easifill on an area about 20cm x 90cm because it wasn’t level with the door frame. Its a bit softer than skim so I was wondering if there is any way to seal it against moisture and toughen it up a bit before I paint it?
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    Bonding hasn’t set in places?

    So I’m building up some areas under a badly formed stair winder with bonding (actually thistle undercoat) , after scratching and then putting dilute PVA on the existing surface. This to have gone OK in most places but the last lot I did, although I swear I mixed it the same consistency, hasn’t...
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    Combi boiler won't start after bleeding rads

    So I just had the heating system drained by a plumber to replace a UFH mixer valve, he filled it back up and left in a hurry. I ran the heating to see if it worked OK and noticed all the radiators upstairs were only half full. I turned the heating off and bled them. I tried running the heating...
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    bonding on top of easifill?

    I’m replastering a stair winder, having hacked off some bits and built up other areas with bonding, there are some areas that I initially used easifill on that I’d like to add another inch or so to. Can I apply bonding over the easifill, or should just build up easifill layers slowly? Or should...
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    how to treat front door threshold?

    I have what I think is an oak threshold, had some dark stain which I just sanded off. I bought some Osmo UV protection oil (clear) to treat the front door, but would this also be suitable for the threshold? its under a porch but is still exposed to the elements
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    how to repair exposed bonding under winder

    I need to hack off high spots under a stair winder. I've begun scraping off parts of the finish layer through to what I think is the bonding layer, which seems more crumbly. Would it be ok to just put easifill over the exposed bonding to repair and flatten the area, or does it need finish over...
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    How to deep fill an area under a stair winder?

    So I have a stair winder which is plastered in a haphazard manner underneath, its quite wavey, and I’m trying to neaten it up by shaving bits off and building it up with easifill. There are a couple of deep dips in the corners that could do with being filled out to a depth of up to two inches...
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    how do I re-finish this damaged oak veneer front door?

    So I have an oak veneer engineered front door. The varnish is cracking away at the bottom where it gets rained on (its under a porch area so doesn't get fully rained on). How would I go about renovating this door? Do I sand it back and re -varnish it? what products do I need?
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    concerns about retaining wall

    My property is on a slope, and the small back garden faces out down the slope. The garden is level, and retained by walls on two sides, made of 2.6m x 125mm x 250mm sleepers which may be pressure treated or reclaimed , wedged into steel I-beams. The bottom of the garden is retained by a 1.75m...