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    Attaching insulation board to loft hatch

    I've got some kingspan insulation board I'm trying to attach to the back of my loft hatch, I tried doubled sided carpet tape but it didn't stick to the back of the hatch (painted with gloss). My next guess would be to screw some wood battens into the back of the hatch with the board sandwiched...
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    Wiring diagram help - Replacing inline fan with timed inline fan

    I'm replacing an inline extractor fan with the exact same model with a timer function but I'm having trouble understanding the wiring diagram. I've removed the wires from the old fan and got the new one ready but I'm struggling to understand what to do next. The previous wiring setup was shown...
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    Cracking plaster on the inside of external wall

    Hi there, Newish home owner here. Since I moved in 9 months ago I'm hearing the occasional click/tick in the mid morning, a sound which appears to be manifesting itself in cracking plaster (As per photos). This is within a built in cupboard on an upstairs external wall in the middle of the...