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    Self levelling compound maths check

    Hi all Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I am going to attempt to level my shed floor. It's a combination of tarmac and concrete flags. All in good condition but just looks odd. The area is 3 metres squared. I am thinking of using mapei 3240 for this job which says it covers 6 square...
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    Procombi Exclusive 35 Flue Extension

    Hi all I need to extend the flue on my bolier either about 3 metres horizontally or I could potentially go out through the roof of my new car port. Firstly are the flues extensions bolier specific? And secondly is this a DIY job? Cheers in advance
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    Advice on minimum shed roof pitch

    Hi Folks, It is basically a 9 foot wide lean to that is 11 foot long. Gonna turn it into a shed eventually. Struggling for headroom so want rafters as high as possible. Would the fall in the bubble picture be ok for felt? it drops about 2 inch over 9 foot. Cheers all
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    lean-to advice

    hi all, I am new on here so hopefully this is posted in the correct forum. I am thinking of building a lean-to (that might turn into a shed at some point). It would come off the side of the house and would be 11' long and 9' wide. I am thinking that i need to bolt a 4x2 to the house to carry...