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    Whistling underfloor heating TRV

    We've recently moved into a property with underfloor heating downstairs but unfortunately the TRV on the manifold intermittently whistles whenever it engages. The manifold is an Emmeti TM3-R, which I've managed to find a full working video of here (about 21 seconds to 1:10); Whenever the hot...
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    Low current still reaching light sockets even when off?

    A couple of months ago I changed all of our downstairs light fittings and all seemed absolutely fine - no problems in that time and all work as expected etc. Yesterday I was experimenting with some lightbulbs with varying brightness and oddly when screwing in a dim 1w bulb, it still gave off a...
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    Changing light fitting - finding switch live

    Apologies in advance if this is an annoyingly common question... Changed 4 light fittings today and 3 of them work absolutely fine. The 3 all conveniently had the switch live marked/sleeved accordingly (blue wire with an additional brown sleeve) so I connected that to live and connected any...
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    Light fitting connection query

    Installing a new light fitting yesterday, it worked fine but it then wouldn't turn off so I'd obviously mistakenly wired it with the switch live somehow. Wires and connections seen below; I'd previously put the 3 brown wires into the live terminal as well as the blue wire with the brown...
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    Loud running water sound through radiators

    When turning the central heating on, our two downstairs radiators seem excessively noisy. There's a constant running water sound through them, almost like a tap, yet the upstairs ones are absolutely fine. I've tried bleeding them just to see if it's trapped air, but that's done nothing. They're...