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  1. hertsboilers

    Vaillant boiler pressure

    Check the smaller head tank for water in the loft if you don't have a pressure gauge and filling loop.
  2. hertsboilers

    Suspected Baxi 105e diaphram issue

    105e or Instant 105e?
  3. hertsboilers

    Vaillant Ecotec 624 + Unistor tank + Tado =???????

    Providing the new boiler isn't far away from the cylinder. It is a good choice but there is nothing wrong with Vaillant vSMART which is a weather compensated control to modulate heating.
  4. hertsboilers

    Vaillant EcoTec F76 Fault code

    I referred one for Vaillant fixed price repair early this week, the customer was told the same thing as OP, it is a contract with Domestics and General. It seems better than Vaillant own package, so the customer went to 6 month contract by £50. The local Vaillant engineer turned up on the second...
  5. hertsboilers

    Potterton Promax SL Problems

    More like a circulation problem.
  6. hertsboilers

    Viessmann 200w with Multi Zones

    Viessmann 200-W, a flagship boiler with 20/1 modulation ratio, is beyond most of heating installers. As far as I know it will work with Tado radiator TRVs but don't know others. Do some home work and call a Viessmann expert installer.
  7. hertsboilers

    Do I need a new boiler?

    @Gasguru and @muggles dose this model have a filter in? F9 is the same as F75 on Vaillant.
  8. hertsboilers

    Yet Another Nest Learning Thermostat Gen 3 HELP!!!

    Well, you wish to get a help from scratch?
  9. hertsboilers

    Worchester Bosch DT10RF to Nest/Pre-heat

    His wiring is still working.
  10. hertsboilers

    Replacing CH Programmer

    975 3 to 715 1 975 1 to 715 3 975 4 to 715 4
  11. hertsboilers

    Worchester Bosch DT10RF to Nest/Pre-heat

    Yes. Can't set pre heat from Nest
  12. hertsboilers

    Replacing Tank Stat????

    "ATC on the right, numbered 3(NO) - 1 (Com) - 2(NC) + earth (also left to right)" Should be the same connection, ie, 1 to 1, 2 to 2 and 3 to 3.
  13. hertsboilers

    Nest+need new opentherm wiring (keep existing programmer?)

    I am going to spend some time to read Evohome now.
  14. hertsboilers

    Nest+need new opentherm wiring (keep existing programmer?)

    More about comfortable heating than gas bill saving. Also from the internet some installers suggested Nest isn't good on Opentherm.
  15. hertsboilers

    Trying to get an old boiler repaired

    Very busy now. The over heat stat is obsolete now, but might be able to get it off eBay. I found more times it is higher contact resistance than a faulty over heat stat.
  16. hertsboilers

    Insulating Expansion Vessel

    The Combustion Chamber, a gas safe registered engineers only forum.
  17. hertsboilers

    Insulating Expansion Vessel

    Ian, muggles is a heating engineer in the CC.
  18. hertsboilers

    central heating won't turn off

    If you turn on hot water only, and see the boiler is firing, the position of the valve should be at W. If not, the valve is faulty.