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    plyboard + tiling

    hi all, having a new bathroom window fitted, its got a trickle vent in it. problem is that the trickle vent cant be fitted as it fouls the tiles fitted to the top of the window recess. is it, any ideas. i had considered removing the tiles (10mm porcelain) then chopping out the plasterboard...
  2. J

    flexi pipe for cistern supply

    hi all, any idea what flexi pipe to get to connect a loo cistern to a 15mm copper pipe. thought of one of these from screwfix - item number 18417.
  3. J

    isolator in bathroom

    hi all, had extension buildt lastyear / begining of this year.I am doing the finishing off, ie tiling, decorating, new skirting etc. 8-10hours at weekends. In the new bathroom we have had an extractor fitted, its approx 450mm horizontally and 2.3m vertically from the end of the bath. this is...
  4. J

    soil pipe

    hi all, doe a soil stack have to have rodding points, the bottom of the pipe is less than 1m from a access chamber
  5. J

    condensate pipe into internal waste

    hi all, we had a new combi boiler fitted last year, its been 100% trouble free until last monday when the condensate pipe froze. it look 3 or 4 kettles of water to free the ice then the next day it froze again. the condensate pipe runs from the original 20mm pipe into 36mm solvent weld...
  6. J

    core drill for soil pipe

    hi, will a 127mm core drill be wide enough for a soil pipe. moving our loo so need to cut a hole in the external wall. as i am only drilling the one, would you hire a core drill or buy a cheap 127mm bit and use a standard drill or buy a diamond tipped one and use that with a standard drill...
  7. J

    new waste - how close to the corner of the building

    hi all, we need a hole cutting in the brickwork to pass a basin waste through. its at the front right hand corner of the building, the wall inc cavity are 300mm thick. whats the closest we can drill the hole to the front corner of the building, plumber reckons its 18inches, so 18 inches...
  8. J

    extending hot water pipes

    hi all, we have an en suite bathroom, with shower ( not electric) basin and loo. The room is a decent size and we have decided to put a bath in the room. currently the basin taps are fed by 15mm pipework, could a plumber fit T junctions to these pipes and extend them to the bath. so...
  9. J

    loft insulation + breathable membrane

    hi all, looking for advice on fitting loft insulation to our extension, building control asked for a breathable membrane which we fitted. when fitting loft insulation, the instructions say it should be fitted over the top of the cavity wall insulation, pushed right into the eaves. if we do...
  10. J

    removing gable wall

    Last year we had a 2 storey extension buildt, this was at the side of the house going front to back. we had 4 knock throughs done from the house into then extension. looking at the house from the front, the house roof ridge runs front to back. the extension roof runs at right angles...
  11. J

    optima box + door contact

    hi all, previous owner of out house had the front door changed from a wooden one to a upvc one. unfortunately ( i assume) when we changed the hall carpet we have found tucked in the corner a magnetic door contact wired to the alarm box in the downstairs loo. i want to tidy this up, and...
  12. J

    What type of pipe insert

    plumber fitted pipework, to new extension, unfortunately he fitted pipework for feed to washer in the wrong place so now we cant get the washer close enough to the wall. he used plastic 15 mm pipe with plastic joins. if i want to cap the ends of these pipes can we use nay make of pipe...
  13. J

    stud wall + building regs

    hi, extension shell buildt, on the first floor we will be constructing a stud wall to seperate 2 rooms. we have put triple joist down to take the weight of the wall, we were going to put the first floor chipboard floor down after putting up the ceiling in the room below.(making it easier to fit...
  14. J

    garden lighting cable

    hi all, move into this house 2 years ago, been sorting out the inside now going to sort out the garden. anyhow, outside we have 4 pir controlled lights, 3 aer attached to the garage and just plug into 13amp sockets. the fourth is a reall beauty, its apir controlled lamp thats connect to...
  15. J

    how many sofit vents

    hi all, beeen quoted to replace the sofits, guttering etc. how many vents should they put in a twenty four foot long run, the chap did a neighbours house and only put 4 in a lenght of 24 foot. cheers
  16. J

    Levelling a sloping garden

    hi all, my garden slopes away, approx 3 feet over its 30 foot lenght. neighbours on both sides of us have levelled their gardens by adding top soil.. I am going to raise the level by 12inches at the deepest point and about 6 inches at the shallowest. we have a substantial fence at the...
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    optima compact 6 zone

    hi all our house has an optima compact with 6 zones. it works ok, but i would like to update it with a newer model. how can i disable it so that it can be removed. if i enter the code and remove the battery and the fuse that links it to the mains will the box on the wall outside still...
  18. J

    new lawn

    hi all, moved into our house 12mths ago, back lawn is slightly sloping say 2 foot over the last 10 ft of the garden. anyway previous owner had a gravel path, leading to a shed base , this was over 5 ft wide and as long as the garden. have now dug out the shed base ( 1ft thick concrete) and...
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    garage extension

    We have a attached brick garage, i want to extent the kitchen into this area. it has a sloping tiled roof, i have ben advised by a builder and an architect that you can add a wood frame to the single brick and then add insulation. _______________________________ Lynda, moderator please...
  20. J

    extending kitchen into garage.

    hi all our house has an attached brick garage. this was constructed at the same time as the house. its about 24 foot long and 8 foot wide. we want to enlarge the kitchen by knocking into the garage. the garage is single brick with piers in the middle and at both ends. would we have...