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    Patch large area to fit duct?

    Thank you for the reply. Sadly the way the joists are its the only option to have it not visible. The only other option is have box a pipe in going up through 2 already decorated rooms or going within the kitchen the same space. We just had lots of spots fitted and know the cables run all round...
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    Ducting size for kitchen extractor

    I have made a big kitchen dining living room with gas hob. The room measures around 60 to 70 square metres. I found a few websites that all recommend an extractor that can flow up to 10 times the rooms volume. This bit is not an issue but I have to duct the exhaust about 6 metres through the...
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    Patch large area to fit duct?

    I need to install 6m of ducting in my ceiling. Between two joists over two rooms. Sadly there are already lost of pipes and wires up there so I am going to have to take some of the plaster board down to find space for it all. How would you go about this? It looks easiest to just remove the...
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    Party wall rock wool fill.

    the house is gutted and walls are stripped down to block work. as long as they could get there equipment in to the house any mess and drilling would be no issue. Do you think it's possible? Thanks
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    Party wall rock wool fill.

    I am doing a loft conversion on a semi detached bungalow. It has already had cavity wall insulation done before I got the house but the party was still has a 4 inch unfilled cavity. Talking to a very friendly neighbour we are thinking of getting the cavity filled with rock wool to help thermal...
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    VIP insulation and joists

    Hello thanks for the reply. Yes sorry yes it is the rafters in a loft conversion. What I was looking at was this The shows is unfortunately next to a wall only about 190 ~193 cm tall. The ceiling high does increase to...
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    VIP insulation and joists

    I am looking to get as much head room as possible in a small toilet / shower room. The plans call for 100mm or insulation between the joists and 50mm bellow on my vented tiled roof. As it's quite a small space I was wondering if I used vacuum insulation panels between the joists is it possible...
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    Lower joists and or thinner insulation for more head room?

    I have got planning for a roof lift / loft conversion on a small 2 bed bungalow but the planning office is being rather stingy on roof line height. I am not allowed to go as high as I originally would have liked and in so I am looking to eke out some more head room inside. The floor joists we...
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    reinforcing loft space joist for floor.

    I am looking at reinforcing loft space to take a floor. It will be used as storage and possibly as a bit of office space if practically possible. The house is a small semi detached bungalow. Its approximately 6.5/7 m wide and 9/9.5m deep. The internal walls are block and help support the...
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    Low profile joists for loft.

    I have a rather long but skinny and low loft space that I would like to board out for storage. I say storage but its going to have rather regular traffic. The original joists arrangement is rather fragile and even standing in the loft will crack the sealing below. So I know I need to...
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    New boiler – combi or conventional / system?

    I am a big fan of worcester bosch boilers. I would strongly recommend taking a look at them. Combi boilers have a few big plusses and downers compared to traditional boilers. You will always have hot water when you need it and you will only use energy to make hot water when you need it. The...
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    Dense concrete block external wall weather protection.

    Would a garage/shed or similar with a single skin wall made out of dense concrete block require any sort of weather/damp/uv protection and if so what would be a simple inexpensive method of doing this? Thanks
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    Noise control down chimney

    If your still after having a fire You could look at fitting a closed log burner or a fire surround with a opening front. They when there closed they will block out a lot of the unwanted sound. I noticed a significant reduction. I have seen fire places with closable chimneys as well but they all...
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    New or reuse concrete slab for new garage.

    I have a late 60s house that has a rather sorry looking garage made out of preformed concrete panels, steel framing and once had wooden font and windows. My plan was to remove the original and build a new single skin brick garage. I have contacted my local authority and they agree with my...
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    Rebuild Single Garage Question

    Thank you for your speedy reply Freddymercurystwin. I had a good read of the governments planning portal. It appears to show I do not require planning permissions or building regs compliance. But I may be reading it wrong?
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    Rebuild Single Garage Question

    Hello, I recently bought a late 60s house with no conservation restrictions on it or the area around it. It has a flat pack preformed concrete single garage that is literally falling apart in the back garden. So my plan is to demolish it and rebuild a new one however I need a little advice...