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    Working out BTU for old rad.

    The old radiator output is irrelevant and doesn't help determine what you need. Just use a radiator calculator and oversize it a bit if you are using a TRV.
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    Controlling a socket from an accessible location

    You can get smart plugs that are controlled by an app or can be scheduled to turn off and on. They also have voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home and can monitor energy usage.
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    Deathwatch Beetle?

    Still can't see anything alive down there even with a mega powerful torch that lights it up. I'll leave the insulation down for a while, if it's birds or bats they have an escape route now. The rafters look fine and presumably aren't oak, so it's probably not beetles.
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    Deathwatch Beetle?

    I doubt it's pipes, thermal expansion or condensation because the tapping stops temporarily if I tap back :) That's what makes me think it's a male beetle, although it could be birds or bats. It does sound the same as a beetle: I took down the triangular insulation and the ducting that goes...
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    Deathwatch Beetle?

    @sxturbo The aerial is is at the other end of the house. Also, there's a velux window next to where the noise is, so I can open that and see there's nothing on the roof or nearby causing it. With the window open, it's clear the noise is coming from inside. It could well be bats. We've had bats...
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    Deathwatch Beetle?

    Nope, all the plumbing is visible. There are electrics up there for the light fittings but no plumbing.
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    Deathwatch Beetle?

    There is no loft! It's a conversion so the bedroom is in what was originally a loft and the noise is coming from the space between ceiling and roof. There could be a tiny loft in the middle, where the ceiling is flat but there is no access to it. I'd have to go through the ceiling or roof to...
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    Deathwatch Beetle?

    I live in the midlands and hear this tapping noise coming from the ceiling every morning. I don't hear anything at night and I'm sure it's not birds on the roof. Could it be deathwatch beetles?
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    Electricity Use

    I used to use an Owl monitor that clamps to the electricity cables, it worked pretty well. Or there's the plug in meters that others suggested. Seems bonkers to pay for those these days though when you can get accurate 30 minute readings from a smart meter for free. Can you put pressure on your...
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    Options for new boiler.

    I'd wait until the boiler dies before changing it. There's only about 40 years of oil left so you'd think it will continue to get more expensive as demand outstrips supply. Industries and vehicles will use less oil in the future though so who knows. Electricity can...
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    How to plumb in a type 22 radiator for an old type 11?

    Don't try to bend it without a pipe bending tool or it will kink. Before doing anything, turn off the valves and drain down the radiator and assess the situation with the pipes. They have a surprising amount of give in them. Note that radiator brackets can be fitted two ways, to give different...
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    Tighten stripped screw?

    Use pliers to remove the screw and start again with a fresh screw.
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    Dodgy Lighting Cable

    I had an electrician round a while ago to install a new cable for the cooker. This was the comment on the certificate he left: The previous owner had a son in law who was purportedly an electrician but it's clear that all the newest changes are not of a high standard. When I had the floor up...
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    Dodgy Lighting Cable

    Thanks for the replies. I didn't get notifications so didn't see them. Anyway, I've finally figured it out! This is the broken cable. I didn't want to fill the hole in until I'd managed to disconnect it, as it becomes live when the landing lights are turned on. I went into the loft again and...
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    Dodgy Lighting Cable

    I have 4 lights in the hallway, all controlled by the same light switch. One of the lights has never worked since I moved in. I removed the light fitting and tested the wires with a volt meter. If the light switch is off I get approx 0 reading. With the light switch on, if I test the live wire...
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    No Water after 4 plumber visits please help!!!

    Turn off the cold mains again and turn on the immersion. Then trace the hot water pipe from the cylinder to see where the hot water is going. As terryplumb said, check if there's hot water in the toilet cisterns.
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    Paving slabs laid dot and dab on soil

    A legal claim will be dismissed if you haven't given them an opportunity to rectify the problem.
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    Rotten Lintel

    I have this lintel that has rotted a bit: It doesn't look too bad but I'm nervous to paint it, in case it makes it worse. Can it be treated with something first and then painted over or does it need replacing?
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    Joist Support

    Yes, the beam is spliced directly above the post. Still waiting for the clamps to arrive then I’ll see how I get on. I doubt I’ll be able to straighten the post but if I can tease it back towards the beam then hopefully I can fix it in place to stop it from moving again
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    Joist Support

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say strapping. There's a massive loft hatch between the posts so I have easy access from above if that helps.