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    Electrofusion Joints

    Do electrofusion joints swivel in the same way that plastic push fit fittings do, or are they fixed, like soldered joints are? I have a water pipe that has an electrofusion elbow joint on it and want to rotate the joint 180 degrees so the pipe lays the other direction. I've not fully dug the...
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    Gas pipe through wall

    My gas meter is fitted with a recessed meter box. The 22mm copper gas pipe passes through the cavity wall from the back of the meter box and is inside a plastic spigot. The spigot is sealed with some grey mastic stuff inside the meter box but there is no mastic on the inside wall where the...
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    Joist hangers for monopitch roof

    I have a monopitched roof on my front porch. There is a ledger plate screwed to the wall and the roof timbers lie at a 30 degree angle to the plate. They are skew nailed to the ledger plate. BCO has requested each timber be fitted with a joist hanger - massive overkill, but he's requested it...
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    Board joints showing.....

    I've been plastering a few years now. Its not my full time job, but I've done plenty of walls and ceilings. I'm pretty happy with the finish I get..... but one thing that plagues me a bit is the joints between boards showing up occasionally - usually where light hits an obtuse angle. I cant...
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    Treated Timber Stud Walls

    Can 2x4 treated timber be used in place of untreated? My local diy store currently has kiln dried c16 2x4 treated on offer and its quite a bit cheaper than untreated. Any reason not to use it......
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    Landing requirements

    I've had a bedroom built above garage. I have created the opening to go from the 1/4 landing into the new room. There is a single step up, and then the next step is the floor level of the new room. The door will open into the room and away from the stairs and 1/4 landing. On the plans (crap...
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    Vaulted ceiling meets wall

    I am about to skim my vaulted ceiling. But, before I do..... has anyone used anything like this before where the ceiling meets the wall to give a nice sharp clean line?
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    Composite door with side windows.

    When fitting a composite door with side windows..... hows best to fit it? Fix the side window frames to the door frame first, or fit them into the opening? Fitted a few doors, but never with side windows. Whats the best way to fit the side windows to the door frame?
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    What tool to tighten this bath waste

    Does anyone know what tool I would need to tighten this bath waste? I think it came with a plastic tightening tool, but that was 5 years ago This is it with the top screwed on. This chrome dome unscrews and this is under it.... From memory, the whole central white plastic thing rotates...
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    Lintel for garage door opening....

    What type of lintel is typically used above a garage door opening? In my case, its only carrying 2 or 3 courses of brick and the front of a small monopitch roof.
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    Running basin and bath waste into unused stack.

    The current waste stack on my house won't be needed much longer. I'm having a side extension that has a new open vented stack on the gable wall. The toilet waste will be re-routed to the new gable wall and into the new stack. My basin and bath waste currently run into the same existing stack...
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    Cutting down weld fittings

    I have two 110mm weld waste fittings. I need to cut one down a bit. Is there any difference in the lastic above and below the seem in this pic? If I cut 5 cm off the length and push it into another fitting, some of the shiny plastic will also go into the fitting. Will the weld glue work the...
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    Wall plate gap

    Can a Wall plate thats going to hold 1st floor joists have a section cut out of it? I need to remove the timber where the waste pipe is to allow me the alter the soil pipe run. Can I cut the timber out directly behind the soil pipe.....
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    Recommissioning Boiler

    My boiler was fitted about 4 years ago. Its a Valliant Ecotec32 and was installed on the outside wall of my garage. I've demolished the garage now and a new one has been built. The flow, DHW and cold inlet pipes are all back in place and the gas pipe is about 1 meter away in 22mm. The pipes...
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    Worth increasing pipe sizes

    I'm running pipes to location for a new combi. The flow and return are 22, so ill run them in 22. The DHW and cold inlet are both 15 at boiler. Would there be any benefit in running up to the boiler in 22 then reducing to 15 at boiler? Or just run it in 15 all the way to the boiler.
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    Does 'span' include the bearing

    Pretty simple question. On a structural drawing, does the term span (in relation to an opening) include the bearing either side? A span of 2.2 m for example..... would that be 2.2 open or say 1.9m open with 15cm bearing each side.
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    Unlooping supply

    Further to my recent post about moving my cut out, I have contacted my DNO about unlooping my supply for a car charger. The supply loops at my next door neighbours and then comes into my house. How much disruption would the DNO cause to my neighbour in the process of carrying out the work...
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    Having DNO move incoming supply

    My consumer unit is in my garage and the incomer comes out if the floor directly below it, into the cut out. I would like to have the cable moved about 1.5 meters further along the wall to allow room for a new doorway. Would the DNO insist on digging up the concrete to move the cable under the...
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    Knock through close to corner

    Can two pre cast concrete lintels be placed perpendicular to each other in perpendicular wall to allow for an opening below? Or would it have to be streal work bolted n welded at 90 degrees? Obviously the lintels in one wall would rest on top of the lintels that are perpendicular.
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    New door opening width

    I want to knock through from my hallway into my garage to create a new doorway into the garage. Can I still make it a 2' 6" doorway, or do I have to make it 2'9"? Space is at a premium and I think a 2'6" is doable, but ill struggle with 2'9"? Its part of an ongoing extension so BCO will...