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  1. gigz

    Which ring doorbell ?

    My brother wants a ring doorbell but his front door is is on a public path (straight out of his front door onto the path) so he wouldn’t want it going off every time anyone walks past but would still want it to record as it’ll pick up his car. Also he has an Alexa so instead of buying a chime...
  2. gigz

    Josh Taylor fight farce

    Anyone watch the boxing last night ? Biggest miscarriage of justice in years. These judges MUST get investigated.
  3. gigz

    Window fans

    Got an elderly uncle who has them in his kitchen and bathroom that are now kaput. Can anyone recommend a decent replacement? All i know is they’re 6” and fitted into double glazed windows. Cheers.
  4. gigz

    Trouser braces

    Anyone use them instead of a belt ? Which ones are best ? Because of my shape (:eek:) to keep me pants up i fasten me belt too tight and end up looking like a figure 8, and starting to get back and stomach pains.
  5. gigz


    Been driving a manual car for years but just got an automatic. When pulling away say onto a motorway the revs go over 4000 revs and it seems to scream until i take my foot off the accelerator then it seems to change gear and the revs go to around 2000. Is this normal for an automatic or am I...
  6. gigz

    Fixing sleepers

    Sons been doing his garden up and has bought some sleepers to finish between the patio and the turf. At the minute they’re just sitting on a bit he’s dug out and they’re loose. Whats the best way to secure them in place? Cheers.
  7. gigz

    Velux barrel bolt

    I have a 1992 velux GGL7 window and the barrel bolts snapped. The housing hasn’t got any screws that i can see to get the bolt out. Can i get a new bolt and housing or is it knackered ?
  8. gigz

    Velux alternative

    Need two replacement roof windows. I’m getting a new roof soon and the ones that are in are nearly 30 yrs old and a bit shabby. They’re velux GGL -7 and are roughly £600 each to buy. Is there a decent alternative or am i better off going with velux again ?
  9. gigz

    Velux alternatives

    Need two replacement roof windows. I’m getting a new roof soon and the ones that are in are nearly 30 yrs old and a bit shabby. They’re velux GGL -7 and are roughly £600 each to buy. Is there a decent alternative or am i better off going with velux again ?
  10. gigz

    beko wir76540f1

    Anyone know why this washer won’t take the fabric conditioner away ? Its only 6 months old and under warranty but could it possibly be something we’re doing wrong. I’ve checked the filter/filter housing and the drain hose and they’re both ok. It washes ok but (see pic) this is what’s left after.
  11. gigz

    66 plate vivaro

    Is there a common problem with the back doors misaligning on these ? Had a problem not long after i bought it and the garage (main dealer) sorted it. Its now happened again but they’re saying as i’ve only got mechanical warranty they can’t/won’t do it, my argument is they obviously didn’t do it...
  12. gigz

    Vivaro probs

    I’ve got a warning light saying “check anti pollution system” and “check injection system”. Mainly the pollution one. Its under warranty but Vauxhall have said if its not covered on the warranty they want £99 to diagnose it. There’s no information about these warnings in the manual and vauxhall...
  13. gigz

    Vivaro rear door alignment

    Couldn’t shut the back doors (lock doesn’t line up with catch). Not sure if the winds caught it (few of us use it). Local garage want £100 to re-align them. Is it a diy job or does it need specialist equipment?
  14. gigz

    2017 vivaro

    Anyone any idea what this is ? Its under the clutch pedal, hasn’t really got any smell to it so not sure what it is.
  15. gigz

    Makita dhp458 brushes

    Ordered a pair of these for my drill. After googling i needed cb-440’s i tried fitting them but they’re too big. I overcame it by filing them down a tad but obviously won’t last as long as they should. Do the cb-440’s come in different heights ? (Length and thickness was ok).
  16. gigz

    Cancelling sky

    I have sky Q and my bills way to much so im gonna cancel it. What can i get that i can hook up to the satellite dish that will give me channels and be able to record/catchup ?
  17. gigz

    Neighbour dispute

    I’m after ideas how to approach my neighbour who puts her dog out in all weathers, its gut wrenching listening to it just cry to be in. Its a private let house and i’ve had some right nightmare tenants in the last twenty years but one is really nice apart from the dog situation. I know i could...
  18. gigz

    Mainstream media

    A little girl leaning into a lion's cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the collar of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents. A biker jumps off his Harley, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch...
  19. gigz

    Ipod remote ?

    I have a hi-fi in a cupboard next to the bathroom and speakers in the bathroom ceiling. The hi-fi has an ipod dock and i just set it away while i’m in the bath (usually over an hour while the mrs watches her soaps). I’ve now got spotify on the ipod and my iphone and was wondering if there’s a...
  20. gigz

    Sealing a concrete floor

    I’ve got a 6ft X4ft concrete floor in the lobby that i want to put those sticky back lino tiles on. Its just an area that i clean the dogs on when wet/dirty. I’ve put them down but odd ones keep lifting. Whats the best/easiest way to seal it or the best glue to use on them ?