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    Jammed Horizontal DG Window

    Hi All, I have this problem that the top window (ie opens upward) only opens a few centimetres and no more - see photos. The locking handle works properly and the shoot bolts are totally disengaged and there is nothing on the bottom of the window mechanism which is catching. If I put some...
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    Sealing the gap between the window reveal and the window plastic

    Hi All, I am sure this is not a new problem. When the double glazing was installed (15 years ago) the fitters used a sealant of some kind but within a reasonably short time the plastic had separated from the reveal and the sill. I have tried decorators caulk and good old polyfilla but they...
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    Franke Moselle Tap Leaking

    Hi All, I have a Franke Moselle Tap which I fitted in 2008 as part of my kitchen refurb. I noticed that it had developed a leak at the point where the spout joins the body of the tap. I ordered a washer kit but I have been unable to pull the spout out of the body. I can get it to the point...
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    Three Way Valve Problem

    Hi All, I have a 10 year old Glow-worm Ultracom 12hxi condensing boiler. It would appear that my three way valve (mid position actuator) has gone faulty. I noticed that the house was getting very warm but the room thermostat was set below the air temperature. Did not really think about it...
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    Shrinking Window Plastic

    Hi All HNY I had my double glazed windows installed by a reputable firm about 14 years ago and have been pleased with both the work and their support but they have now gone out of business. I have noticed that the plastic surround which links the frame to the reveal and sill are no longer...
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    Franke Moselle Tap

    Hi All I fitted this tap about 9 years ago and it has started to become stiff when turning the handle but the flow and stop is absolutely normal. It is on the cold water side and I assume the ceramic disc valve cartridge needs to be replaced. Is this a normal 'wear and tear fault' for taps...
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    Sealing with Beeswax

    Hi I am installing new wooden skirting in the dining room which has an outside door. Previously the end of the skirting, where it joined the outside wall below the double glazed door, was 'sealed' with what looked like silicon sealant (put in when the door was installed). Over the years mould...
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    Which laminate is best?

    Hi All I am going to replace the carpet in an open plan dining/living room with some kind of wooden floor. I probably cannot afford real or veneered wood and I believe that their maintenance is not as easy as laminates. The traffic in one area is significant and is really showing hence the...
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    Capping Stubs

    I did the plumbing in my daughter's bathroom in October last year after she had knocked a wall down between the bathroom and an adjacent toilet. It involved the removal of a toilet system and moving the sink three feet to the left. The previous plumbing used PB barrier pipe and what I can only...
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    How many 'rafters'?

    I am putting up a lean to roof using corolux corrugated sheets. Not sure yet whether it will be the miniature or 3 inch profile. The width of the roof is 180cm. I will be using 5 purlins supported by (what I believe are called) rafters at either end. The purlins and rafters will be 45mm...
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    Plastic Corrugated Lean to Roof

    I am planning to build a small greenhouse (ish) between my house and a boundary wall. For a raft of reasons I cannot put an ordinary green house in that space. I intend to use Corolux corrugated clear sheets. I am confused about the wooden frame to which I will attach the plastic. I assume...
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    Electric Motor Capacitor

    Can anyone tell me what function the capacitor connected to an electric motor performs? I have an ALKO garden shredder which runs forward or backward - apparently randomly on switch on and I am guessing the problem could be with the capacitor. It is single phase, 1100watts. Cheers
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    Mains Hot, Gravity Cold

    I think I have a common problem of hot water coming from a combi boiler and cold from a header tank. Hence when using a mixer switched to shower there is very little control of the hot water flow in order to have a reasonable temperature. Will a check valve in the cold water feed just before...
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    Water Pressure Meter

    I do occasional plumbing for my kids and there is the usual problem (so I believe) of different pressure for hot and cold water fed to the shower. I would like to measure the pressure of the two feeds but buying a water pressure meter would be a waste of money given it may never be used again...
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    Odd flow in bath/shower mixer

    A bit long winded but please bear with me. I fitted a Cross head Bath shower mixer (bought cheaply from Tool station) for my daughter, living in London, about 9 months ago. It is fitted with a 6mm shower hose. When switched to the bath the flow rates are Cold 21L/min, Hot 8L/min. When switched...
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    Toilet Waste

    I have replaced three toilet bowls and cisterns over the last 7 years. I had to remove the bathroom one because of a leak on the inlet side (don't ask why that is a much longer story). When I have replaced it temporarily I noticed that the outlet where it joins the plastic waste pipe was...
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    Gas Hob

    I fitted out my kitchen 3 years ago and did it all myself except the worktops which I paid a professional to fit. He fitted the sink and gas hob into the worktop using the supplied 'mastic'. I noticed sometime later that the hob was not fully in contact with the surface at the front and rear...
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    Power Plungers for bath waste blockage

    Reading the reviews for these tools seems they are sliced bread etc... Before I buy do I need to ensure that the overflow on bath and sink are blocked to stop pressurised water escaping? And of course do you guys think these are good or just a gimmick? It is to be used on a (probably) 40/50 year...
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    How soon to lay blocks

    How long do I have to wait for the footing to dry/cure/harden before laying 100mm blocks? Highest level will be four high laid flat. I am looking to finish before the good weather breaks. Cheers
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    Pressure Balance valve

    The problem is the age old one of being in the shower and someone else runs water, this will reduce the pressure in either hot or cold flow. Am I right in thinking that all the balanced pressure valve does is to maintain the BALANCE of the hot and cold feed to the shower head as set by the...