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    Been pulled over for using your mobile lately?

    gave me a chuckle
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    Dodgy advice

    Ever noticed how much incorrect information there is on the net? A couple of the engineers at our place asked me for info on motors, star/delta motor control etc and since I've Got the day off today I thought I would print up some useful info for them, anyway here is one pic I came...
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    dont trust photo copiers

    now never knew these contained hard drives question is "why do they"? Matt
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    make the most of today

    Because it's the last repetitive date you will ever witness in your lifetime Happy 12/12/12 8)
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    RIP Sir Patrick Moore The sky at night will never be the same, a great man
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    unidentified object flies into volcano

    mmmm interesting I don't know if anyone has see this yet I believe it happened yesterday The object's size is estimated at 1000 meters by 200 meters
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    Well I never.. common sense does prevail in some countries

    No charge for Texas dad who killed daughter's rapist
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    Britian has got more talent

    As a follow on to the britain has got talent thread I thought I would start this one here is a quote from joe from the earlier thread Now I agree, and as some may know I frequent the open night circuit in the north east and there are some great players/performers out here in my neck of...
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    windows 7 no longer genuine ofter failed update or virus?

    today when I powered down laptop, windows started to configure updates (there were 10 but it never got past the first one as it crashed when rebooted I got a message that an unautherised program had tried to alter protected files I was also informed that my windows key had been altered and I...
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    rematic 2945C3K controllers

    Any of the commercial lads had any bother with these of late? been to 3 of these lately all with the same fault entering level 5 or 6 (password protected) causes the controller to reboot/reset the units seem to function fine otherwise however, only fault being that it is hard to alter any 5th...
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    How time flies

    I can't believe it's been 20yrs since Freddy Murcury died..... and what a gig queen played this night!!
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    quick reflexes or what!

    But may have been more impressive had he jumped to the left after the second train and avoided the third one too :twisted:
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    Facebook copyright issues question

    Hi all I have just had a video removed from facebook for copyright infringement as "it appears to contain copyrighted material" video,audio etc but if I believed it was taken down in error I had to fill in an online form, name address tel no etc before they would reinstate it Thing is, that...
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    Another actress trying her hand at singing

    But this One actually can sing! I'll not be buying it as not my cuppa, but what a lovely voice and tone she has excellent!!
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    Tighter expenses rules 'harming MPs' mental health' :shock: :shock: :shock: decreased rewards? as in they cant fiddle as much! So rap in if you're unhappy with your job.....or vote yourselfs a payrise that you have the power to do....... but no that would be taxable and may bring you into the...
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    Vincent Cooke not charged over death of alleged burglar

    At last a bit of common sense shown!
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    Victim of aggravated burglary charged with murder Surely self defence or at most manslaughter, but charged with murder? Scum got what was coming to him I say
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    Amy Wine house Thread removed

    I noticed that the "Amy Winehouse dead" thread has been removed Anyone Know why? Matt
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    I've suffered from this for many many years, its a family trait I usually go to kip around 4ish then up for work around 8 sometimes (at least twice a month) I dont bother with sleep at all but still stay awake till the early hours the following night Now this doesn't bother me (more my...
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    listed building/planning permision

    Hi all A few quick questions 1)Is listed building consent also req for the gardens of listed buildings (for joe public)? because according to local authority apparently so 2)does a local authority also req listed building consent/planning permision to do works on such a garden into a...