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    Insulating first floor joists above garage

    Afternoon all, I'm at the stage of insulating between the floor joists above the garage to the bedroom above. I've got quite a lot of spare PIR board that I'd like to use for the area at the very front of the garage where it seems coldest. Does the celotex go tight up against the chipboard...
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    utility room stud wall detail.

    Morning all, Have just started to prep for converting a 3m x 3m section of the garage into a utility room, So far I've laid a row of bricks to raise the floor level eventually and for the sole plate and Dpc to sit on for the stud wall. I can't find a clear illustration for the setup of the...
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    unsupported joists below extension

    Hello all, We had an extension done last year and the builders weren't great. They temporarily supported the new floor joists with a bit of 4 x 2 to get their levels right and left it in when they finished. I've just come to remove this today and it seems like it's been supporting the joists...
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    mortar or lead mate?

    Quick one for someone, need to seal some lead flashing that I've installed but I can't decide on what to use. The mortar is a light sand colour and I can't seem to get anywhere near sand tone. Tried with yellow building sand and rugby cement alongside mastercrete in all ratios and all I can...
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    what mix for haunching around soil pipe?

    Evening all, Got some benching to reinstate around a soil pipe connection into the manhole cover. I've heard something about granite dust being used as it's hard wearing. Would the mix benefit from waterproofer aswell? Thanks
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    leave DPM in or use waterproofer in mix?

    Have install a new water mains that comes up through the garage floor in ducting. I had to remove a section of the floor .5m2 which was laid on DPM, have tried not to rip this but it's got a few holes in it. I've backfilled the duct with concrete to the DPM level but do I reuse the section of...
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    correct sand for backfilling trench?

    Hello all, nice simple one for someone in the know. We've put a new water mains supply in and have bedded and covered in 75mm of building sand to protect from rocks etc. Should the rest of the trench be backfilled in the same building sand. Or should it be sharp sand? We are block paving after...
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    where to put new water mains?

    Hello, Wish I'd have thought of this before I poured the footings! Wanting to replace my water mains as we're on a galvanised 15mm system. But the position that I'd like to bring the ducting up goes straight through (or under) the footings for the front of the garage. Can I go under the new...
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    neighbors driveway footings question.

    Hello all, We're thinking about having the driveway block paved in the near future, Our neighbours property is higher than ours and has a raised driveway which was cast from concrete in the 1950's. Part of the footings extend onto our property by approx 150mm in places and about 50mm from our...
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    full tile at verge? simple novice question

    Morning all, Hoping to tile a small lean to roof (4 rows) that buts upto the house. Should I have a full tile at the verge end or the side that abuts the house? Spacing current works out so there are no little slithers either way it's done. Using Marley ashmores if it makes any difference...
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    retiling bay Window advice

    Hello, unsure if this should be in roofing as it's technically roof tiles. I've stripped the tiles and laths from our bay Window with the goal of insulating the void and retiling. The void was insulated from the inside wth celotex some years ago but only between the studs and not taped or a...
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    insulated screed?

    Hello all, I'm looking to raise the floor of the garage by 100mm to convert it into a 3 X 3m utility room. Have got the option of a floating floor setup but would rather not. Has anyone got any experience with insulated screed? There's a product called prooftherm...
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    fitting shower tray onto Caberdek

    Happy Easter all, Hoping to fit a stone resin shower tray into the new ensuite and am a bit stumped as to the best way to adhere it to the floor. Current construction is 22mm Caberdek (grey) laminated chipboard flooring on 400mm centre joists. Have seen a variety of different suggestions...
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    correct position of roof vents.

    Morning all, Looking to fit a tile vent in a Marley ashmore roof for bathroom extraction. We've just had the roof redone using cromar vent 3 pro membrane and ashmore tiles with a dry ridge/hip system and intended on putting the extraction vent in the soffits but are unsure if this would be ok...
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    roofing questions and worries

    Afternoon all, I've got another thread running but I was suggested to start a new one here in the hopes that someone could help me out. We're currently having Marley ashmore tiles fitted and the roofer has stated that he's nailing the eaves tiles and every third row. Initially I though this...
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    upcoming extension advice

    Hello all, Hoping to get some advice on a few building questions before the new work starts. We are extending above our single brick garage (with double brick piers every 2.4ish M) In order to create the 100mm cavity above we need to build out the existing piers to support an 8M long 203 X...
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    which lintel for roller garage door?

    Looking to install a 2.8M electric roller garage door in a double brick construction wall that will be built. Which lintel is the correct one? We currently have a box with outer leaf type but are making the opening wider. Thanks
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    limestone coping and render loose

    We had a retaing wall built in the garden in 2015 out of 7N dense blocks on their side. I placed polythene behind the wall going down to the footings. This was followed by terram which I formed into a channel that was filled with about a foot deep and wide of pea gravel with a 4" land drain...
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    Extension on top of single brick garage.

    Hello, Had the idea of adding an extension onto the side of the house for a while and have only just decided to put some serious thought into it. We bought the house in 2014 and have got the plans for the garage (joined to house) which was built circa 1994. The plans show that the foundations...
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    whats the correct shingle tile overhang?

    Hello, I've got another thread about a playhouse that I'm building but thought this would be better in the roofing section. After looking on the net I've seen various measurements from 10mm on all sides to 25mm on all sides. Using the standard three tab felt shingles what's the correct...