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    Boiler flue cracked

    Morning all, i have an ideal Icos he18 which is working but making a bit of a howling noise every so often. I had someone out to check it and they found nothing wrong but it was dark and they couldn’t check outside. In daylight I can see that there is a problem with the external glue and it has...
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    Floor insulation

    Hello, I am looking to insulate a suspended timber floor with 100mm insulation. I have the netting and wanted to use insulation batts or rolled insulation. Most insulation seems to specify cavity wall, roof or sound proof for floor. Does it matter which insulation batts I use? could I for...
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    Armourplan roofing

    Hi, Does anyone know about ArmourPlan roofing with regards to aesthetics? In the below image you can see vertical bars going down it which is more pleasing to my eye than something purely flat. Anyone know how this look is achieved? Is it just wood or steel profile which is affixed to OBS3...
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    Sleeper walls

    Hi, If 'I'm building a suspended floor I will need to support this in the middle with a sleeper wall to stop excessive bounce. Span is around 3m. Do you have to build a honeycomb wall for the whole length, or is it permissible to build a number of piers and place a joist at a right angle to...
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    Dpc not sticking

    guys, Might be a daft question but when you lay a mortar bed and put the dpc on and smooth it down, is it meant to adhere to the mortar? Next day I found it just lifts off. Is that normal? Thanks
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    Venting soil stacks

    hello guys I have two bathrooms in my house. They are separately connected to the public sewer with their own stacks. The main bathroom uses a stack that vents to outside. The second one is capped off just above the branch. Is it acceptable to install an external air admittance valve on...
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    Shower pump lifespan

    Hi guys, I have a shower pump (RSP75) which powers two showers at the moment. It's now out of warranty and I want to use it to power hot taps as well. I know it's not designed for that but my view is to use it in a non designed config until it breaks and then replace with a house pump...
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    French Door draft

    Does anyone know how to adjust the door pictured? 3FB0EF14-F084-45FA-9FED-CC9D4EB7D910 by adwt2004 posted 22 Feb 2018 at 11:59 AM 7B3AED3D-BE61-4E93-9F71-E3F1CDC98105 by adwt2004 posted 22 Feb 2018 at 11:58 AM The bottom corner where it opens is drafty. I’ve done the two cams to bring the...
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    Problem with water supply

    Has anyone ever come across the following picture in a residential water supply BA6D7E42-BD11-43A3-AD22-B36676DB0A1F by adwt2004 posted 16 Feb 2018 at 7:51 PM It’s like black plastic bag material. This stuff initially was causing my loo to not shut off and I have been cleaning the stuff out...
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    Lintel orientation

    Hi Could someone in the know confirm that this lintel Can be placed in any orientation? I think it can but would appreciate confirmation from someone Thank you
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    Insulation requirements new wall

    If I build an extension wall to spec with 100mm cavity do building regs require that I insulate the existing wall too or is a wall that already exists allowed to stay as is? It's around 65mm cavity. I'm not exposing the cavity, just using wall starters on it with vertical dpc
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    Setting back extension

    Hi I’ve read a lot about setting back an extension wall when your house is imperial and bricks are metric. Can anyone explain what this means? Any example pictures? I don’t fancy large mortar lines but just wondered if this is a good option in my circumstances. Cheers all
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    Suspended timber floor oversite

    Hi, Just wondered whether it's a definite requirement to lay a concrete floor before using suspended timbers in an extension? I'm sure I've read here that you can put a permeable membrane down with gravel over it which then allows any moisture to drain? Is that still possible or do I have it...
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    Build over sewer lintel design

    Hi, I'm curious about what lintels you guys use to build over a sewer. My SE has specified 100wide, 150 deep, 1.8m length. Presumably they will be sat on the blocks either side tall side up. Is this the sort of specification that normally is prescribed for this? It's single storey rear...
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    Joining new wall to old (extension)

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me about the DPC positioning for a setup like below wall joining by adwt2004 posted 23 Jan 2018 at 2:45 PM I am planning to run two layers of dpc, one for each course and where the new wall meets old turn it up vertically around 6 inches. Is that the best way to do...
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    Identify brick type

    Hi Guys, Anyone recognise this particular type of brick? I want to order a couple of thousand so just wondered if it's still available.
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    Removing Wireless Stat receiver

    Hi I am replacing a Danfoss RX1 wireless stat receiver with a Hive V2. My system has the following components Honeywell Programmer near the boiler RX1 near the wiring center Honeywell Wiring Center The backplate of the programmer looks compatible with the Hive receiver so just planning to...
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    service fuse query with western power

    I'm having a new CU fitted and rang western power to find out about having the service fuse pulled and they apparently now just come and fit an isolator instead which makes sense. They couldn't give me a price until I book it which sounds odd so I was wondering if anyone knows the cost of...
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    Central heating wiring

    hi, hope someone can help :( I have a problem whereby my central heating pump never stops running. I've done some research and found out that my boiler has been wired up as if it has a pump over run facility where the pumps runs afterwards to cool the boiler down. My boiler an Ideal icos...
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    Ideal Icos he18

    Hi there, I have noticed a fault with my CH in that the grundfoss pump never stops running. It obviously can't be good for it and it's not quiet either and has become very annoying. I took the cover off the honeywell control box (look likes a junction box with different sections for...