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  1. DIYNovice1979

    Fixing Bathroom Hot Water Tap - Leaking From Tap and Underneath

    Hi, I have a hot water tap downstairs that's leaking. The boiler tank is upstairs and there's no isolation valve on the pipe underneath. The tap leaks from the tap opening itself, as well as from underneath. Underneath, the water simply trickles along the feed pipe and drops from the bend. The...
  2. DIYNovice1979

    Leaking conservatory roof

    Hi, I've recently noticed my conservatory roof has a small leak during heavy rain, we get a steady drip, drip, drip. The conservatory was in place when we moved in 10 years ago. Is this something that can be easily be fixed with some tape or similar? Zooming in, you can see the water drop lets...
  3. DIYNovice1979

    Downstairs toilet leaking - overflow pipe

    Hi, I've got a downstairs toilet with an overflow pipe. When the cistern is full, there's still a small leak from the valve. I've tried adjusting the ballcock, but not luck. Taking a closer look, it looks like the seal in the valve has gone. Are these standard parts I can get from any DIY store...
  4. DIYNovice1979

    Hot tap won't turn properly - spindle adapter broken (?)

    Hi, I have a tap that has a small white plastic adapter (I think that's what it's called). The plastic clip has broken, this results in the hot tap not working - it just spins around on the spindle. I've tried to buy the small white clip which sits on top of the spindle and fits neatly into...
  5. DIYNovice1979

    Windshield Seal - Small Break

    Hi, I have a small break in the windshield seal of my 2005 Honda Civic. Currently, the windshield is fine. Autoglass want £230 to replace the seal. Can I get away with a sealant and adding in a small amount of rubber? (See picture) Thanks Jay
  6. DIYNovice1979

    How to fix outdoor porch post in winter - wood rot

    Hi, My porch post is rotting away, bits are falling off and the paint is flaking at the bottom. Given it's wet and cold at the moment, what's the best way of fixing this (without waiting for summer)? Thanks
  7. DIYNovice1979

    Replacing the battery on a veritas R8 alarm

    Hi, I've got a Veritas R8 alarm. The "unset" button is flashing, from a Google, it looks like it could be a faulty battery (no fuses or circuits have tripped). I've ordered a new battery ( I've got...