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    ERA home Guard Pro Alarm

    hi Everyone, Would anyone be able to advise if ERA Homeguard Smart Pro is any good? I have visonic powermax 360r that I have ordered but not too sure anymore given the poor support and they make their products obsolete very quickly and after doing some research, it appears that ERA camera PIR is...
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    Powermaster 360R Hard wire or power socket

    Hi Can someone please help. I am thinking to purchase Visonic Powermaster 360R and having looked at the manual, it looks like it cannot be hardwired but have to use the plug-in socket for ac powersupply. Can someone confirm this is the case and whether it can be hard wired at all? Thanks LK
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    Is visonic getting obsolete

    Hi, I am thinking to get the Visonic Powermaster 360r installed with gsm and wi fi functionality. I have been reading on their product website and it appears that their gsm module only does 2g and 3g and they no longer offer gsm modules (think it's end of their product line) Given the fact that...
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    visonic powermax complete sensor keeps going off

    Hi, I was hoping someone can help. I have a visonic powermax complete and lately, after changing the battery few weeks ago, whenever we arm the system, after a few minutes the alarm keeps going off. When we look at the report its the same sensor that goes off on which the battery was changed a...
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    UFH pipe connection to existing boiler - is it right?

    Hi All, I have had my Under Floor Heating commissioned a few weeks ago (was waiting for the liquid screed to dry with quick drying additives) 56 mm screed depth. I was advised to wait for 3 weeks and finally I switched it on today at a low temperature of 25 degrees to start with. I am seeing...
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    Claim of damage by neighbour due to part chimney removal

    Hi We removed the part of the chimney in our bathroom last year. (Did inform the neighbours) and the reminder was supported by the gallows brackets etc... neighbour was happy for us to remove the part of the chimney and all hunky dory. Build control passed the inspection and got the Completion...
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    Best thermostat for UFH water heating

    Hello I am getting UFH water heating installed in my new extension. I need the ability to be controlled via WiFi and want ot to be separated in parallel to my existing rads. I have a baxi boiler. This UFH will be a separate zone. Can anyone suggest a good reliable WiFi thermostat that we can...
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    Visonic Powermax complete compatiblity with Ethernet or Wifi

    Hello all, I am getting my phoneline removed and currently I have visonic Powermax complete connected to my land line so that in the event of breakins I get the notifications on the phone. Once the phone line is disconnected, there will be no other way I would be in a position to find out if...
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    Drilling on party wall

    Hello everyone, Can someone please help. Neighbour wants to drill holes in party wall which we are constructing on our property in line with the fence (we own the fence) which faces the neighbours side. They want to hang pots and plant climbers by our wall. I was under the impression that...
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    Underfloor water heating. Is it worth it

    Hello All, I am in the middle of the extension and my builder is suggesting under floor water heating. We have block and beam floor put on. I am wondering if anyone can help me answer the following questions 1. Is it cost effective to put the underfloor water heating on? 2. How thick the...
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    Exhaust fan on our new wall facing neighbours property extension wall

    Hello all, Wondering if someone can help. We are building an extension solely on our property (Edge to edge) but not going on neighbours land at all. We do not need a fan in the pantry, but having it just in case we decide to add washing machine or fridge in the future. Our neighbour has...
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    how can we Support neighbouring patio and sun lounge as our footings are deeper

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping someone could advise. We have a semi detached property and my neighbour has a patio and sun lounge. We are building an extension but due the trees in her garden (which are less than 3 meters) structural engineers have asked to go for step footings (1.2, 1.7 & 2.1...
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    Party wall notice consented but more questions from neighbours

    Hello forum members, thank you for reading this post. I was hoping if someone could help. We are building a rear extension and my neighbours have signed and consented to the line of junction, party wall, and excavation notices as its a semi detached property. She has sent us an...
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    Samsung American Fridge Freezer - ice forming in the back of the fridge - RS53K4400BC

    Hello forum members, wondering if anyone has come across this problem before in samsung American fridge freezer of ice forming in the small section of the back of the fridge? I have RS53K4400BC model. Wondering if anyone has had this issue before and if you managed to find the solution...
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    Wasp activity in the attic

    Hi, can someone help or recommend a good poison that I can leave in the different areas of the attic or just spray raid along the wooden joists and wood randomly with a hope that it will stay and be effective for a few weeks until it kills a few of them. I have seen quite a few wasps in the...
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    Air bricks on bathroom exterior wall

    I have a ducting pipe connects to an exhaust fan that goes all the way touching air bricks to let the steam out of the shower. Would I need to remove the air bricks and put a duct grill or air bricks would do the job? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    ducting and air bricks for Bathroom exhaust

    Hi, I have a new exhaust fan installed in the bathroomand the ducting with plastic 100mm pipe stops where the airbricks are present at the moment. The electrician advises that there is no need for the airbricks to be chased out as the holes in the bricks are big enough. Can anyone please...
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    Roof for new extension

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can help. I am planning to build a new extension (5 mts in length x 5.5 mts in width)and the architect is advising that a pitched roof is not going to be possible as it will extend the permitted hight restrictions and the fact that in one of the bedrooms above...
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    Plywood or Floorboards and insulation

    Hello I was hoping if someone can help / advise? I have 1930's house and the floorboards are 5" T&G; I am struggling to find the same size. Someone suggested that I use structural Hardboard Plywood and it can be cut to make joints where I have electrics, gas water pipes running to make it...
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    replacing squeaking floor boards - 130mm wide and 18mm depth

    Hello Forum members I hope you are able to help. I have a house built in 1930's and have old floorboards squeaking which I need to replace before new carpets are fitted. The approx size of the current floor boards are 5" (130mm) wide and 18-20mm in depth. I have been looking all around but...