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    Mock Tudor beams paint

    Outside of the house is mock Tudor and needing decorating. It’s in direct sunlight for most of the day (when we get some in England). The old paint has pretty much gone I have removed what was left of the old paint but like some advice which is better to paint the fake beams. Bedec Barn Paint...
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    Attaching downpipe to UPVC conservatory

    This is probably the most stupid question I have asked on here, but anyway. I need to support a gutter downpipe which will run down the UPVC structure and want to know if I can simple screw into the UPVC? It's not part of a window frame so no glass to worry about, but is there any issues for the...
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    Syphonic close couple washer

    A little while ago I had to replace the plumb or bomb washer In our Armitage Shanks syphonic toilet. The close couple washer was shot as well, but a standard donut just didn’t fit properly and with guests arriving I bodged it in the short term. I want to fix it properly now, but the washer...
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    Silicon washer or plumbers mait on basin click-clack waste

    I am replacing the downstairs toilet and basin and bought a slotted click-clack waste for the basin as it seemed a good idea at the time. It comes with a silicon washer at top and one at the bottom for sealing when fitting. Are these any good or would I be better ditching them and using plumbers...
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    Tiles flush with plaster - adhesive bed depth

    I am updating the downstairs toilet and have discovered the original 1920's floor tiles below the carpet are in not bad condition and we want to keep them. The need a little tlc and I will ask about that in another thread. Bit, to keep the theme I have bought some matt black/white chequer mosaic...
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    Upstairs radiators hot, downstairs not

    A couple of upstairs radiators at my aged parents house were very cold and suspect needed bleeding. Having bled them they are now red hot - excellent. However, the downstairs radiators are now mostly cold. Tried bleeding them and they are fine. All the flow valves are fully open (and not...
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    Skim or Patch plaster repair

    We a number of rooms including our spare room brilliantly plastered by some great plasterers, but then had a leak and had to cut through the pitched ceiling to fix it. As they are a distance away, getting them back for a relatively small repair is really not practical, so I may be mad, but am...
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    No cold water from tank after running empty

    We had a new mains water feed from the road installed yesterday and it all seemed fine, but an airlock stopped the mains to the loft storage tank and it ran dry. I cleared the airlock and tank is filling correctly. However, Hot feed works fine with water flowing freely, but we have no cold feed...
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    Syphonic close coupled toilet leak

    Our toilet has just started to leak at the close couple join. I have assumed it will be a new close couple rubber donut - or complete kit if it has rusted - that is needed, but as the toilet is an old symphonic, is that coupling different? Don't want to take the loo apart on a bank holiday and...
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    Exterior water supply leak

    its looking like we have a leak in the water supply Pipe from meter to internal stopcock. Assuming it is copper pipe (and I don't know yet because it's under the drive) is there anything special about replacing damaged pipe? I'm ok with a blow torch and solder but is that good enough if the fix...
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    Lighting circuit isolation via switch

    Our bathroom lighting, shaver socket and extractor fan is at the end of the upstairs lighting cicuit, but isolated from the rest of the 1st floor via a switch. I assume that was an easy way of doing it when the bathroom was done by the previous owners. Its and old plastic toggle switch which has...
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    Gas pipe

    I know that requests for estimates are not sensible, and I'm not expecting one here. What I would like is to get a feel for cheap, med, expensive without wasting trades time quoting for a small job. Cnat see the point is someone wasting fuel to look at it and say it easy but expensive due to...
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    Plasterboard over brick and studwork

    We had a leak which has required replacing the ceiling and plaster on a couple of walls. But one of the the walls is a mixture of stdwork and brick. Currently there is lathes on the studwork and plaster went across these (see pictures) The question is is it best to leave as is and plaster...
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    Plasterboard in Velux window recesses

    Having insulated the old loft conversion properly I have been putting up plasterboard prior to get the plasterers in. Now I want to make it as easy as possible, so not sure the best way to board around Velux window recesses. Rather than try and describe what I mean I have knocked up a simple...
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    Best Plasterboard layout for ceiling

    About to put up some plasterboard on a ceiling ready for the plasterers to skim and wanted recomendations on board layout to minimise the danger of cracks. Knocked up a very simple diag below so commentrs please
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    Plasterboard alignment on a sloped ceiling

    The loft extension was put in before we moved in and not insulated as well as it could be and has Artex sloped ceilings. So I am ripping out the old plastrwerboard, adding some celotex and new plasterboard ready for a plasterer to finish. The issue is access for materials. Due to the...
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    Foil Backed Plasterboard

    Adding some more insulation in a loft conversion and therefore need to put up new plasterboard. Any reason to use foil backed plasterboard rather than a separate waterproof membrane and standard boards?
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    Loft conversion ceiling height

    We have a loft conversion which was put in by the previous owners we guess in the late '80s or early 90's. It's a bit tired and could do with an increase in insulation so I was thinking of giving it some TLC and possibly gaining some storage space back The current configuration has pitched...
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    Has Part P lost what few teeth it had?

    I only dip into DIYNOT occasionally just to see what’s happening and obviously when I need advice from the helpful people on all the forums here or I can actually help. But had 5 mins to spare and thought I’d look at the relatively recently revised Part P. Having read the Approved...
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    Cement Grouting gun

    My drive needs grouting and duff knees and an iffy back means I want to spend as little time doing it as possible. As there is quite a lot to do I wondered if the grouting guns like...