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    I hope you took the old copper tank and old pipes down to the scrap merchant :-)
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    An electrical tubular heater would probably be the safest option and would not take up too much space. I wonder how many people have a combi fitted, then regret the lack of an airing cupboard.
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    Hortsmann DRT2 thermostat

    There is a very tiny hole in the front, to the right of the up/down buttons. That is the reset hole. You need a very small tool (pin) to reset it, once the batteries are in. I have a number of these devices doing different tasks. I have never had one fail yet.
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    Hortsmann DRT2 thermostat

    Have you tried pressing the recessed reset button?
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    Free Solar Panels - Whats the Catch

    The catch is that they benefit from the "feed in" tariffs, you will see none of that money. During sunny days, when most electricity is generated, you are unlikely to be using much yourself, and unless you can store it somewhere, only the company will benefit. The 25 year agreement forms...
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    Undocumented Vaillant diagnostic codes

    Oddly enough it does not. If you leave it at the default of five minutes, then it turns off after five minutes. Then it restarts again just before the boiler fires up again. I find it better to keep the pump running longer, because it also reduces the chance of the boiler shutting off...
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    Undocumented Vaillant diagnostic codes

    I don`t have any of the extra Vaillant external controls, only a Drayton 3 port valve and tank thermostat which is set to 50C. Setting the flow temperature to 65C is a good compromise, and gives a reasonably quick hot water recovery time. I also have the pump overrun set to 18 minutes, to...
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    Undocumented Vaillant diagnostic codes

    In you other thread you mentioned about the d2 setting. Here is the table showing the effect of the d2 settings against flow temperature. I have an Ecotec 415 plus with the flow temperature set to 65c. I have d2 set to 60, which gives an anti-cycle time of about 14 minutes at that...
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    TO change a boiler do you have to be a CP / Gas Safe ?

    The answer is here //
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    Wireless thermostat with two receivers?

    From an electronics point of view, most wireless transmitter/receiver modules usually have a number of different selectable addresses to "pair" the two units together. These are often set with a DIL (Dual In Line) switch. Provided you use the same make and model of thermostats, and set both...
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    Broag/Remeha digital clock timer has failed after power cut?

    I assume that you have checked the mains supply, and any fuses. From an electronics point of view, digital timers normally have a small re-chargeable backup battery which can fail if left to totally discharge. Also it is possible that the battery terminal voltage has dropped too low for...
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    Sand/Grit in Main water pipe causing boiler fault

    I think you are going to have to provide more information about the make and model of your boiler, before anyone can help. There are some real experts here, but none can read your mind ;)
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    Leaking pipe from "thingy" under sink... *pic*

    Anti-siphon valve I would guess. If you Google "anti-siphon valve", and select images, you should see something similar. see below Keith
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    Mira shower pump working once a day!

    Probably pressure switch inside worn out. New pump would be best option.
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    How do I switch off the Hot Water?

    There should be an isolating valve somewhere on the cold feed pipe going into the bottom of the tank. Turn that off, and the hot taps should stop after a short while. When you have finished, turn it back on, then any trapped air will come out of the hot taps when you turn them back on...
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    Vaillant 828E Hot Water Problems

    Not enough water going through the boiler, or a blockage somewhere I would say. You will need to say whether this is a new installation, or has it gone faulty? If its a new installation, then you need to contact your installer to get it put right, assuming that the flow was calculated...
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    Replacing Boiler

    I would totally agree with that, I did the same after 30 years. Replace any radiators that are badly rusted on the outside, as the inside is likely to be worse. Make sure the system is fully cleaned and there are no blocked pipes, especially the cold feed from the small header tank, mine was...
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    What it IOP and TP?

    Intensity of pressure = The pressure per unit area e.g. Pounds per Square Inch or water pressure (bar) Total Pressure = The overall pressure exerted over a defined area. More to do with hydraulics than plumbing. Sort of thing that pump people might need to know. Keith
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    Replace conventional CH boiler with combi?

    Well, you will get lots of different opinions on this forum. I did not see any advantage in ripping out a system which has worked reliably for 30 years. My family has always had plenty of hot water, even the gravity fed shower was not affected by anyone turning the taps on, as its cold...
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    Replace conventional CH boiler with combi?

    I would personally just get the system cleaned out and the boiler changed, which is what I did. My old system was 30 years old and was replaced with a Vaillant EcoTec 415. I had one radiator changed, as it was a bit small and was rusting. All the others were left in situ. Having the...