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    Dealing with peeled paint following wallpaper removal

    Hi I recently removed some wallpaper from the wall and in some places the paint has also peeled off the wall back the plaster (see picture below). I am looking to paint the walls ultimately and wondering how I prep the peeled section so that I end up with a good smooth finish to paint on. I did...
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    Worchester Bosch DT10RF to Nest/Pre-heat

    I am looking to replace my current thermostat (DT10RF) on my WB 440CDi Highflow combi boiler with Nest. I am looking to verify that I understand the wiring correctly. The have attached a picture of the boiler connections and Nest. I believe I need to wire the nest as follows: ST10 Ls to...
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    Auto bypass problem

    Hoping someone can help. I have a honeywell Du144 ABV fitted, I have noticed some rattle from it recently. I thought I would see if it was functioning correctly or not. So before starting the heating today I closed the valve completely. After 15 mins I had a feel of the bypass pipe and it was...
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    Flow problem in CH

    Hi, Hoping someone can help advice on a course of action to help with a Kettling Boiler. (Potterton Suprima 40L) I have posted in the past and received some good advice, but got to the point where it is now making a fair bit of noise. With the Pump on Speed Setting 2 its a bit more noisy than...
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    Boiler kettling treatment

    Wonder if someone can provide some advice on treating boiler kettling or possible causes. My Potterton suprima 40l is kettling a fair bit. All radiators heat up fine and equally, it's just the boilers that's noisy. The kettling occurs on both heating and hot water. Abv valve set 0.45 and pump...
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    No Hot Water, Faulty Motorised Valve?

    Boiler does not fire when the controller is demanding Hot water. Heating is working correctly, ie boiler fires on Stat demand. Boiler is Potterton Suprima 40L, open vented system with 2x2 MV. The valve for hot water is a Honeywell valve. As the wiring centre is near to the valve I have...
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    Fitting CH Filter

    I am looking at fitting a CH filter to my open Vented CH system. However I am lacking with space as the boiler is located in a kitchen cupboard and space/access above the boiler is limited. I am therefore looking to fit the filter in my airing cupboard. There is a horizontal section of pipe...
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    Trappex centramag Filter

    I was looking into Central Heating Filters. The main filters was interested in were: 1) Magnaclean Pro 2 2) Spirotech MB3 3) TF1 I think from the above 3 I would probably go for the Magnaclean, due to limited space (TF1) and ability to clean (MB3). However I came across the Centramag, but...
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    Heat Loss Calculations

    Hoping someone can help, I am trying to do some heat calculations for my Lounge, as I think that my current radiators are undersized for the size of the room and characteristics: I have looked at on-line calculators, but none seem to cover the case where a room is open to the stairs...
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    Is this wiring correct?

    I removed the skirting boards in a bedroom to allow for fitted units. I noticed that 2 of the 3 sockets on the wall only have 1 wire going in to them. I took up a floor board to have a look and found it was wired as follows: Is this wired currently?
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    Can incorrect balancing cause Boiler Kettling?

    I have a question on Radiator Balancing. Can balancing radiators cause a boiler to kettle if the flow is restricted through each radiator by too much? Additionally if a bypass valve is closed by too much can casue the same effect. My understanding is that if a bypass is open by too much then...
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    Radiator Sizing Advice

    Having received loads of useful advice before on here, I thought I would ask again. I would be interested to know what size of radiators one would advise for the following room (living Room): L = 5.4m, W=4.5m, H=2.4m. Room Characteristics: Solid concrete floor carpeted Lounge...
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    Boiler Kettling

    My boiler has very recently started Kettling. The is Boiler a Suprima 40L Connected to 10 Radiators (3 Bedroom Radiators with TRVs) Combined F+E (no Vent Pipe) Unvented Cylinder Manual Bypass Gate Valve open 1 turn Pump Set to 2 Boiler Stat at Max The kettling started after draining...
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    Gurgling noise in radaitors / Air

    I am wondering if someone can provide some advice on gurgling noise in radiators and bleeding air from CH System. I find that I am able to bleed air out of my CH system on a regular basis (1 radiator and system bleed points). I can also hear gurgling noise in a couple of radiators with TRVs...
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    Thermometer for CH Balancing

    I am planning on Balancing my CH System as it is currently not balanced. I have read the FAQ and It seems straight forward. I am looking to something to measure the temp quickly, but without spending a fortune. Are the following items both suitable to do the job: 1)...
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    Advice on replacement Bath Taps options

    I currently have a bath with separate hot and cold taps. I am looking to fit a shower for use with the bath. The dhw is supplied from an unvented cylinder. From what I gather I have 2 options. Either Leave the current taps as they are and tee of the hot and cold supply to the taps and into a...
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    Advantages of ABV over Manual bypass Valve

    What are the advantages of fitting an Auto Bypass Vlave in place of a Manual Bypass valve?
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    Potterton Suprima 40L lights

    Before winter I was having almost daily lock out problems on my suprima boiler. However before I could get someone in they totally stopped. In the past weeks they have started again, very infrequently. I was planning to get the boiler serviced anyway, so will let someone have a look at it...
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    Brown Sludge in Feed/Expansion Tank

    I have a question about sludge in F/E Tanks. The reason I am asking is that I have brown sludge build up on the walls of my F/E tank. Is it normal for sludge to form over time? or is it caused by a system problem? I am not sure that there is sludge in the system or not. I did drained...
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    Boiler Engineer Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a good boiler/heating engineer who operates in the wigan area. The boiler is a Potterton Suprima 40L. I would be looking for someone to perform the following work: Boiler Service Unvented Cylinder check. (Never checked in the 3yrs we have owned the house) Potential...