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    Garden Wall Render

    I am looking for some advice I have built some garden walls and am looking to render them on the sides and top, finally finishing them off with a lick of paint. What I would like to know is.. Is there a way to do this without wall caping/coping? If yes, what do I need to do to increase to...
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    Short Post, Tall Fence

    Hi In my garden I have a line of short concrete posts, 4ft tall, but I want a 6ft fence. I could just purchase 6ft panels and live with the gap from 4 - 6ft where the post are, but its not ideal. Anyone else done anything to get around this? I don't really don't want to dig up the post and...
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    hi Just wanted to get some info on the possibility of putting a conservatory/Orangary on the back of my house, I already have an extension. Is this allowable, do I need planning permission? Many thanks
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    P Trap v Bottle Trap

    Ive just managed to fit my P trap, but now I can't close my sink drawer :-( Is it ok to use a small bottle trap instead? Or is there another option? Many thanks
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    Breeze blocks in the garden

    I have a number of breeze blocks left over from a project and wondered if I could use them in the garden to make some raised beds, would this be possible or will they just disintegrate? I was thinking of rendering them to help with protection Any thoughts appreciated
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    Sink Waste pipe

    I have a small problems where the waste from my sink does not come out straight, this is meaning that I cant get a good seal on the P-trap and it keeps leaking. Does anyone know of a solution, maybe some sort of flexible P-trap/pipework?
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    Laying a Vinyl Floor (Amtico)

    I am about to lay an Amtico floor but have 2 queries before I start. The floor is an en-suite in my loft conversion, the current flooring is the t&g chipboard, on which I have tacked 6 mm ply, the area is 1.6x1.4m. Is it advisable to use self leveling compound on this or should it be ok to...
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    Porcelain tile sealer

    Hi, I need some advice on tile sealing. I have finished tiling my shower and now need to seal the tile before grouting, yesterday I tested the sealer on a tile to make sure it looked ok, but this morning when I buffed it the tile remained streaky, is this correct? If so can I get rid of the...
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    I have a small job I need to do on some wardrobe doors. I need to router out a small indent at the bottom of the door about 30mm x 15mm by 5mm deep to insert a running guide for a sliding door The doors are 35mm thick I have done a little bit of routing but if I mess this up she will...
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    Oak Filler

    Hi I need to fill some holes and a reasonable chunk in an oak door, whats the beast way to go about this? Is it filler, what do you recommend?
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    Fire Doors and cutting to fit

    I have a question about fire doors I have had one fitted and it looks like it needed to be shaved down a bit, if I look at the top I can now see the internal material of the door and not the veneer. Will this pass the building regs sign off?
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    Unpicking T&G flooring

    Hi I am about to embark on a loft conversion, all plans drawn up etc. The structural engineer has asked that I install an new upright steel to support a current steel in my living room where a wall was originally situated. My problem is that I have an engineered wood floor...
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    Bay Window Single Skinned Wall

    Hi I have a bay window upstairs and downstairs in my house, but the upstairs is a single skinned wall beneath it, I therefore get mold from the condensation building up there. I want to try and insulate it and was thinking of making a timber frame and lining with celotex or something...
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    Epoxy resin 2 part slow

    Hi I am trying to find some of the above but cant find it anywhere near me. I want it at the weekend so dont want to mail order. Anybody got any ideas I live in West Sussex
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    oil for engineered oak

    Can anyone reccommend please
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    Can anyone reccommend a dehumidifier please?? Want one for a 3 bedroom house
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    Novo Strat Sonic Gold Wood Underlay

    Has anyone used this or heard of it and what do you think? I need to get some underlay and have seen this if you think there are other alternatives please let me know want to spend about £30 for 15sm
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    Hi I have a bay window on the front of my house, which is rendered on the outside. In the main bedroom I think the brick work is only single brick. I experience a lot of condensation, plus I have damp patches on the wall and mold. Is there any reccomendations on what I can do for this...
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    What Engineered Wood underlay

    Hi there I have my flooring, now I just need to get some underlay, can anyone reccommened some? It will be used for both concrete and floorboard covering Many thanks
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    Engineered flooring - Click system or T&G

    Hi I am looking to get some flooring soon and dont know whether to go for the click system offered by some manufacturers or to go with T&G. The floor will be a floating floor. Any benefits of one over the other??? Thanks