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    Flashing flat roof skylights - please help

    Hi all, I feel I've bitten off more than I can chew with fitting my EDPM roof. I am struggling with how to finish off the skylights. I cut a big X where the skylight was going, and later glued the excess rubber up the sides. But now I need to deal with the corners, and because of the little...
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    Cladding over EWI

    Hi all, I am externally insulating the extension I'm building. Most will be rendered, but 1 wall will be clad in some variant of cement cladding. I am quite unsure what to do behind the cladding though , to protect the insulation board from the weather. What is the done thing please? Is...
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    Manky inspection chamber

    Hi all, I installed new drainage as part of an extension earlier this year. The fall on the chamber is a little bit steep, as we had to go inline to an existing drain run (Now removed). Currently, only the top right inlet is in use for bathroom and kitchen, the straight inlet isn't connected...
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    Hardwall vs sand/cement on new extension

    We have built a new extension, about 80m2, lots of wall to cover. Most of the trades who've come to see about skimming it, have said they would use Hardwall as a base, and not sand/cement. (We don't want to d+d plasterboard, don't like it) I have a feeling the Hardwall is going to cost more...
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    How to Flash a flat roof window

    Hi all, I have built my flat roof, and very soon need to fit and flash the Velux flat roof windows. There is no flashing kit for this, so I need to make one up from EDPM rubber (I have a roll of 300mm wide), and contact adhesive and seal. I have never flashed a roof window before, and Google...
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    Inner room fire escape problem

    Hi all, We are trying to change the layout of our in-progress extension a little, by changing access routes. We have an inner room that will be an office. Originally it had 2 escape routes, 1x via the connected garage, and 1x via the connected utility room, into the hallway and out. We want...
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    Kingspan K5 external insulation

    Hi all, I got a decent deal a few weeks back on some Kingspan K5 external insulation. I am planning to self install it, and get a guy to bead and finish it. I've had mixed advice on prep - Some say you need to prime the back and front of the board, to prevent it absorbing too much from the...
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    What to fill wall expansion joints with?

    Hi all, Our engineers have specified that we fill our block work expansion joints with 'Aerofil', however I can't find much in the way of it. What other products are generally used to fill the 10mm gaps? Wall is 15m long, single storey, and has 2 expansion joints. Thanks Tim
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    Backdrop drains - where to get bungs for pipe

    Hi all, This is something that should be really easy, but is taking me so long! I have created a backdrop sewer, and in the inspection chamber, the rodding pipe is plain ended. I cannot find a cap anywhere for this.... all the bungs / caps are designed to fit sockets only. It's all Polypipe...
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    How much pea shingle per metre for drainage?

    Really simple I thought, and I do remember a guide for how much to expect to use per metre..... but now I cannot find it again. Can anyone help? It will be 110mm plastic pipe, with 100mm pea shingle all the way around. I don't want to massively over or under order :) Thanks Tim
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    Disposing of insulated plasterboard

    I have a few sheets of insulation backed plasterboard that I've removed. The cost to dump them, as is, is huge, and has to be through a specialist recycler. Any tips on how to best get the insulation off the plasterboard? I'm thinking of a big scraper, but I don't want to spend a lifetime on...
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    Connecting layers of steel mesh in foundations

    I am beginning a self build journey early next year (Project thread to come, no doubt plenty of mistakes to learn from!) I have our engineer drawings back now, and the 300mm deep foundations need 2 layers of A252 steel. How is best to connect these, mainly keeping the upper one in place? I've...
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    Fibre reinforced foundations instead of steel?

    Our structural engineer is specifying a top and bottom layer of A252 steel mesh in the footings for our extension (Single storey, on sand). A local concrete supplier can specify an equivalent fibre mix using Adfil fibre reinforcement, which is claimed to remove the need for steel in most...
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    How close together can rainwater soakaways be?

    Hi, We are extending soon, and need to drain (Including the existing house), approx. 150sqm of roof area. Without knowing enough, I decided that 1 engineered soakaway would be less hassle than 3x 1m2 ones dotted around the garden. Having now been advised the size of the test pit (With no...
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    Building a party wall against an externally insulated wall

    This is a bit of an odd one..... The south wall of our house is externally insulated, and sits behind a very low boundary wall, right on the boundary (As you'd expect). Our neighbour would like to build this boundary wall up to 8ft high (They want a flat wall for unknown reasons), which we...
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    Neighbours surface water drainage very close to boundary wall

    Hi all, Neighbours had a lot of building work done a year ago, and now are having their drive relayed (Different firm). I had a look with them today as the surface water drainage pipe seems very close to the boundary wall foundation, and runs underneath the support pillar in one place. The...
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    Manufacturers offering thin-joint packages

    I was fairly set on using Thermalite blocks (215x215x440) with thin joint mortar, as it would make the extension go up a lot quicker. When I spoke to Forterra last week, they advised they no longer offer it after a division of the company. And so I am looking all over again at other options...
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    Vax 6131 wet and dry vac.... motor springs

    Hi all, I picked up a free Vax 6131 wet vac, but the pump for the clean water supply was very weak. I stripped it down to clean it, but upon opening the end, the springs and other bits made a rapid escape :( In the picture below, I'm quite sure the 4 parts to the left are in the correct...
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    Where to find 13mm window wedges

    Hi all, I ordered some 17mm window wedges for some poorly sealing windows, but they are too deep and foul the frame. I ordered this type, with 2 screws: I have searched and searched for...
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    Hager RCBOs - difference?

    Hi, Is there a reason anybody knows of, why some otherwise seemingly identical Hager RCBOs have a red indicator at the bottom, but others don't? (I know the ones shown are different current ratings) Is it just a change of design, or something else? Thanks!