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    'At risk' due to proximity of gas pipes and electrics: Who's responsibility?

    Hi; not quite sure which forum to post this, so Admin please move if deemed necessary. Anyway a friend is in a panic as she's just had this 'Danger Do Not Use' notice slapped on her by an engineer at her flat, where I believe he was due to install a smart meter: She doesn't know what to do next...
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    A question for roofers: Aluminium nails on slate roof?

    My partner had a roofing job done on a joint freehold flat in 2016; a late victorian mid-terrace in London, to replace the original slate. At the time, they were using aluminium nails, although the spec. asked for copper. A few years down the line, and a tile has detached and is sitting in the...
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    Help Identifying a built in early 1990’s shower: ANS: Mira 723

    My parent’s 30 year old shower has a seized thermostat; I’d like to have go at repairing it, but I can’t find any distinguishing labels or logos. My Dad has an idea it is a Mira model.. that’s all I have to go on. I’ll try and attach a few images.. Thanks in advance!
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    Intergas installer around Manchester/Stockport

    Any Intergas/Atmos installers available for quoting on a job in Didsbury/Stockport? My mother in law's back-boiler is finally, after fifty years, giving up the ghost.. so not a straightforward replacement job, but a new boiler install. Thanks!
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    Tiles barely overlapping gutter: Shoddy work?

    My partner had her C.1895 roof retiled about three years ago; (retiled with real slate) on the face of it it all looks good: but yesterday I got up close as I was clearing the gutters, and I was shocked to see that the lower run of tiles barely makes it over the lip of the gutter: probably 10mm...
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    What is the point of the low pressure cut-out in an electric shower?

    After my recent travails with a new Triton T80, I am intrigued as to what purpose the pressure switch plays in these showers: In an installation like mine, that appears to be at the limits of the required flow rate/pressure (and it varies throughout the day) to cool the shower (by increasing the...
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    New Triton T80 shower: Increased flow trips pressure switch: so only hot showers!

    Just installed a Triton T80 10.5Kw Easi-fit, to replace an old Aqualisa. The old shower didn't have a 'cool' opttion, so in summer it was always too hot, even on the low rate option. The Triton has a cold option at least. However, it's beginning to look like I have a pressure/flow problem, as...
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    Vaillant controller question: VRC 700F or VRC470F with VR65 control centre?

    I have just been on the phone to Vaillant, with the question: Is there any reason why I can't run a VRC 470F wireless thermostat from a VR65 control centre connected to a Ecotec Plus 438 boiler. It turns out the VRC 470F is now superseded by the VRC 700F; and after some cogitation, thinks it...
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    Intergas installer in Stafford?

    An old friend up in Stafford is looking for a new boiler; any of you Intergas accredited installers interested?
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    Grohe thermostatic shower: leak from 'stat adjustment knob

    I'm trying to help an elderly neighbour with their thermostatic shower, an inset thermostatic Grohe model Grohetherm 3000. The 'thermo element' replacement thermostatic insert is expensive, so I want to make sure I understand what is going on before suggesting replacements. Basically, the...
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    Intergas 28/24: isense best Opentherm option?

    At the risk of retreading old ground here, but the situation and availability of Opentherm 'stats in the UK for Intergas seems a bit confused. Can anyone (Mehran2 maybe??) tell me if the Remeha isense is still a good option, (or possibly the only option available in the UK) and also if the...
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    Intergas combi: possible DIY install by ex-corgi.

    Hi This is my first time posting on the forums, though I have found them very useful in the past. At the risk of reviving old and sometimes emotive arguments, I want to ask advice regarding DIY replacement of a combi-boiler (AAARGH!). I was corgi registered many years ago, before changing...