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    1 Way Switch - Is this okay ?

    Hi I have fitted a chrome plated 1 Way Switch to replace a standard plastic one. I understand that the convention is for the rocker switch to be up in the OFF position. The rocker switch is not that well aligned on the plate and looks better on the wall when it is upside down. The means...
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    Bottle Trap Being Pulled

    Hi I have a metal bottle trap being pulled when the WC is flushed. I am trying to fit an in line anti syphon fitting, but the wife would rather I didn't as it would be visible. If I were to entend the plastic tube which is inside the trap would this help the trap from being pulled or...
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    CH Pumping Over into F&E Tank

    Hi I have an open vented CH system. I am pretty sure there are blockages that need to be re-moved. We have removed the cold feed pipe and cleared it. The radiators upstairs started to heat up much better. Once all the blockages are out I am going to treat the system with Fernox...
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    Concrete Footings - Is there a problem ?

    Hi I have had a contractor install concrete footings for decking. He used a 5:1 ballast to cement mix ( Rugby Premium Cement ). I happened to notice that the Use By date on the cement had expired 11 days before he used it ? Is this a potential problem with the strength of the concrete...
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    Knotting Solution needed over old timber ?

    Hi I have some whitewood timber built in to the ceiling of my garage which has been there for several years. I planned to prime, undercoat and paint the timber, when I realised that I may need to seal the knots first. As the timber is so old and there is no sign of any resin do I need a...
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    Correct Way to Slate a Roof in Scotland ?

    Hi I note that some roofs in Scotland have the slates nailed direct to sarking boards and other have horizontal battens fitted with the slates fitted to these. Is there a correct way ? Are battens used when sterling board is used to sheet the roof ? My question relates to timber framed...
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    Who's UFH Manifold is this ?

    Hi Does anyone recognise who manufactures this particular underfloor heating manifold ? Cheers
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    Scottish Building Regs ?

    Hi Under the latest edition of the Scottish Building Regulations can anyone help me with the attached questions ? 1. Fireplace hearth - what is the minimum hearth projection into the living room ? 2. Does an intergral garage have to have insulation below the concrete floor slab ? 3...
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    New Build - T&G Plywood Vs TG Pine Floorboards

    Gents Given the choice in a new build - timber frame construction - the upper floor - which type of flooring would you opt for ? 24/25mm thick T&G Plywood or 24/25mm thick Pine T&G Floorboard ? Cheers !
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    2 Way Switching Circuit - Confusing Voltage

    Hi I have read all the info regarding 2 way switching on this web site. but I am afraid that I am still confused, hence the post. I have a circuit in the house which contains 5 in number 12V halogen lamps powered via 5 LV transformers. There are 4 switches on the circuit - 2 x 2 way and 2...
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    How do you check the alarm cable cores ?

    Hi The section of 6 core alarm cable which was fitted to run to the external sounder has been outside now for some time. The end has been taped up with insulating tape. When I went up to have a look at it I found that it had been blowing about in the wind and over time the external sheath...
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    22mm Copper Pipe into McAlpine R17 Reducer

    Hi Is anyone able to confirm whether 22mm copper pipe will form a water tight seal into the McAlpine R17 reducer which is stated to have a 19mm/23mm universal connector - please see attached screen capture from their catalogue. Cheers
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    Santon Aquaheat - Pressure & Temperature Valve

    Hi I have read that the Santon Aquaheat unvented hot water unit comes complete with a pressure relief valve which must be fitted. I have read that there is an additional pressure and temperature valve that can be fitted for an enhanced level of safety. When is it a must that this...
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    Can I use a Neon Indicator ?

    Hi I have a question which I would like to ask. I have a mains powered air compressor which is housed inside its own concrete cupboard built onto the rear of my garage. The air compressor will be powered from a dedicated circuit running from the consumer unit in the garage into the...
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    Feed Pipe Blocked in Open Vented Central Heating System

    Hi The feed pipe from our header tank to our CH system is blocked. I think that it is iron oxide which came from inside the radiators as I found a mix of sludge and particles in the bottom of the header tank ? The system was drained sometime ago and I know that is was not recharged with...
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    Recommendation for a good quality fluorescent light

    Hi Can anyone recommend the make of good quality fluorescent light fittings for use in a domestic garage ? Cheers
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    Washing Machine Drain

    Hi I am hoping someone can help me ? Our washing machine ( and dishwasher ) have been installed using these single bowl kits - please see attached picture. The washing machine and dishwasher are in different rooms and so a single bowl kit has been used for each appliance. The drain hose...
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    Using UPVC Cable inside Boiler for Programmer

    Hi I had to replace the built in programmer on my oil fired boiler with an external programmer. I did not have 0.75 flexible cable to hand so I used 1.5 grey UPVC coated cable ( typically used for lighting circuits ) to connect up the external programmer. I ran the UPVC...
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    Fitting External Programmer to Worcester Heatslave Combi

    Hi I have a Worcester Heatslave combi boiler which has a built in Worcester twin channel programmer. The LCD display has gone blank, but for now the programmer still works. I plan to replace the twin channel programmer with a new external programmer. Looking at the installation...
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    Tingling Sensation from Metal Light Switch

    Hi I had to replace a faulty 2 gang metal dimmer switch with a 2 gang metal light switch. I replaced the live and the switched lives one for one and made sure that the metal plate was earthed in the same way as the original dimmer switch. The replacement switch worked as planned and...