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    use bt tv pro box as second box?

    as title can you use a pro box instead of a mini box. i have a pro box and wondered if i got a second one would it work as though it was a mini box ie doesnt record only streams
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    ceiling rose

    neighbour asked me to take down an old three arm light and replace it with a standard ceiling rose that he already had. what a job! if only the new rose had more choice about where the cables entered................................. and in case anyone is interested the back of the rose is...
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    street lights and EV charging points

    not having any experience of street lighting infrastructure this comment in my local rag got me thinking. will it work?? "Another "exciting" project working with Norfolk County Council is looking at adapting streetlights to create charging points in residential areas. The columns, the report...
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    paste the wall?

    paper says paste the wall, not having used this type before would it be ok to just paste the paper instead? or do both?
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    How much!!

    Do you think they will sell many at this price...
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    Big boys cables!

    Been watching this guy on you tube and the cable sizes amaze me armoured 4 core and singles in sizes up to 500mm cross section makes the usual 2.5 etc seem like wet spaghetti! One he did was 16 x 300mm singles into the same cabinet. Very very neat and professional, I take my hat off to him...
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    Just had to share this

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    2A socket intended for phone use!

    well this is something I have never seen before! look like a genuine MK product as well.. I was actually searching for the MK 2A plug but I think I will give this one I did find a miss (check the p&p!!!)...
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    why dont wago make some of these?

    I mean of course the wago like connectors ( I like the stackable idea) and scotchlocks for mains !!??? I have seen these wago types on e-bay etc but wonder are they any good.
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    sensor tap wiring

    not really sure if this should be here or in the plumbing section. in tescos this morning (using the facilities as you do) and the basin has a sensor tap that turns on when you put your hands under it. this is how the wiring to that tap is
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    Colour code the switch lines in lighting circuit

    this was flagged up as being required on my neighbours rental property EICR test. myself and a mate think "really" what does the rest on here think?
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    digital clock gains time

    Hi all. I have an audio timer, which is basically a digital clock that has a relay switched output, that I use as an alarm clock. when the set time arrives it drives a relay and the mains voltage is switched on on sockets on the rear, which powes a hi fi system and a light.. ok simple BUT this...
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    bill dispute with bulb

    bulb got my MILs bills wrong by transposing the day/night readings (again). when I queried as to why and how they estimated when I had sent in readings. part of the reply I got was this and I quote directly from the person who replied to me "Your local network submites the readings...
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    whilst browsing the ali express website I came across this. its probably of iffy quality but different anyway. wonder if wago keep an eye out for versions of their product that they dont make ...
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    1 metre cable £1450 !!!! still, at least the postage is free
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    extension leads again!

    can someone on here explain why every multi way extension lead has the supply cable to the right hand side of the sockets?? i dont remember seeing one that had the cable to the left, but no doubt i will be proved wrong by the knowledgable folk on here!
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    Gold plated optical cable

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    "When installation, as long as stainless steel chuck is not shaking, you can install the lamp securely." trying to find a connector to feed one end of an led 5ft t8 tube and i came across this gem!! if anybody knows of a wireable end feed connector that is similiar to a b22 lamp connector ie...
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    electrician required