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    Access to manhole covers

    I've had an extension built, and building control have spotted I've put some paving slabs over a couple of manhole covers for a drain that's shared with our neighbours. "Inspection chambers have to be accessible" according to the regulations I found. To be honest, I thought this was pretty...
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    75x50 CLS, 686mm door. Door lining kit that fits?

    Forgot to thank you for the reply. Cheers. I ended up doing exactly that.
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    75x50 CLS, 686mm door. Door lining kit that fits?

    Can anyone out there tell me where on earth I can buy a door lining kit that fits this configuration?(without having to chop it about). My CLS finished is about 63mm, plus 12mm plasterboard, plus a 3mm skim. That comes to 93mm. No door lining kits seem to be anywhere near that narrow. And the...
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    Cedar 2by2- Where to buy?

    All the places I've tried (Ridgeons, A10 timber, Herts Timber, Jewsons) say they order cedar in specially, and don't keep any in stock! Where can they be ordering it from?!? ;) I'm happy to travel to pick it up. I don't fancy spending £500 and throwing away £480's worth. Actually, does...
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    Cedar 2by2- Where to buy?

    I've ordered and received cedar cladding from Ridgeons, along with some 3m lengths of 2by2 to trim the corners. Only problem is, I've found I actually need two more 3m lengths 2by2. Ridgeons say their supplier won't supply such a small quantity :-/ Where would you usually buy small...
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    Caulking/sealant for cedar cladding

    This guide from Silva seems really useful, but it's not that specific: It says: "Use high-performance acrylic-latex, acrylic, acrylic-silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide or terpolymer rubber...
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    Screws for cedar cladding

    Hmm. The cladding is 20mm thick, so 32mm brads would only leave 12mm into the batten, which doesn't seem like enough to me. There's masonry behind the battens. Stainless annular ring nails at 45mm would be the nails I'd use, if I was reasonably sure they'd hold.
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    Screws for cedar cladding

    I'm considering two options for screws for my garage's cedar cladding. Spax ones: Regular ones...
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    Too cold for blockwork?

    I was hoping to spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday finishing off my garage. Is this weather definitely too cold? I have loads of DPM which I can use to cover it up at night...
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    Coving for LED lights - using regular curved coving?

    Air spraying? That's dedication! :) Make the strip of wood a few mm thicker than the LED strip and that should allow you to get them in and out. Infact, I'd put the coving up without the lighting in there, then insert it later. Good luck!
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    Coving for LED lights - using regular curved coving?

    Seconded. You'll be surprised how much lighting from that angle can make it look like a moon-scape. Hold a lamp/torch up right next to the ceiling to see how it looks. Also, plaster coving weighs a hell of a lot. If you have to use a good amount of adhesive, I worry it'll splurge onto the...
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    What's going on here then?!

    I predict two flues. One for the ground fireplace, one for the first floor.
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    12mm or 18mm OSB on roof.

    Ah, so non-breathable membranes do exist. Could I just use something like this?
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    12mm or 18mm OSB on roof.

    Thanks for the reply. Maybe if I drill some ventilation holes in the OSB, or suspend the membrane on additional battens? Or maybe try a membrane that isn’t breathable? I have a DPM from a garage base that isn’t permeable. The garage has sufficient ventilation at the eaves, so I’m not using...