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    Replacement of Salus RT500 Stats

    Hi guys I've recently purchased a new house and it's fitted with 4 zonal radiator thermostats. I assume by the model number they are hardwired and not RF. Then in addition to this I have one controller for the hot water tank. Question is can anyone recommend a good direct replacement where I...
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    Patches around Sockets

    Anyone got any idea what the staining is around my plug socket in the wall? Victorian house and wondered if it's damp or just plaster reacting with the walls.
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    Underfloor heating in my orangery...

    hi guys, underfloor heating in my orangery.. 20m2 floor area. can anyone recommend pipe spacing? 200mm/150mm or 100mm?
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    GRP Roof into Pitched roof... advice needed?

    Hi Guys, I have had a flat roof installed to go in between an existing pitched roof and a flat roof. Its going to be an orangery room. Its been somewhat of a challenge to say the least. As it stands now the orangery flat roof is on and water tight and their is a 300mm up stand of fibreglass...
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    Worcester Greenstar - Pump problem

    OK guys- new problem lol... My boiler is working fine- call for heating works, boiler turns on, heats the water up and pumps away until satisfied etc... But I have noticed that for some reason while working away whilst giving CH it will randomly stop heating but what is even more strange...
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    Worcester 35cdi - No CH but hot water ok?...

    hi guys noticed the other day that hot water seems to work fine but boiler will not respond to call for CH. when i click for ch i hear the diverter valve moves and what sounds like a relay clicking but no heat and burner doesnt seem to fire. if i restart boiler a few times it works ok after...
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    Underfloor Heating - Adding a loop but no space...?

    Hello guys, I got an underfloor heating system which is heating up half the house and we are going to add a new orangery which I want to add underfloor heating to. My existing manifold is already almost full with only the space for 1 loop but I would probably need at least 2 for the orangery...
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    Side Extension / Orangery - Overlooking?

    Hello, Is their any reason why on a single storey orangery build which is on the side of my home I can not put some windows? It is looking out onto the neighbour's who also have some side windows but between my house and theirs is a private road / driveway? J
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    Do I need planning permission

    Hello Guys, I have been searching forums / internet / government publications looking for an answer to the question "Do I need planning permission". My proposed orangery ticks all the boxes for permitted development except for one. The original house width was 8MTRS and the orangery width...
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    Replace or Restain my Internal Doors

    Hi Guys, Been in my house for less than a year and in two minds on what to do with my current internal doors. They appear to be newly made by previous owners, and I want the doors to have a lighter appearance. Would it be an easy challenge to make them lighter? The problem I have is that...
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    Dulux Trade - Colour not matched to existing??

    Hi Guys, Hope someone here can give their advice. We got a sample pot from B&Q of "Muted Stone" and liked the colour so went to the Dulux Trade Centre and brought it. I prefer the Dulux Trade paint as its a lot thicker and gives much better coverage than the normal paint they mix at B&Q...
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    Which CCTV System? or Or.. from CCTV direct...
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    Painting external rendered walls

    Guys, I have just had a new garage built and have had it rendered to match existing house which is also rendered. Can you tell me how is the best way to go about painting the walls? Brush or roller?
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    Damp on inside wall?? Help...

    Hello, Wondered if anyone could give me some advice. I have an inside wall which is showing damp above skirting board level. To be honest I have only been in the house for 6 months and it only become apparent when I painted the walls. Previously the wall was almost magnolia and it is now...
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    GardTec CPX - Programming Key fob

    Hi guys I have a couple of key fobs that unlock and lock the alarm system. On the fob their is a further two buttons which I think should activate "Utility" and "Panic". None of these work but I suspect it's due to the feature being disabled. Nothing in the user manual on how to enable it...
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    Damp Proofing - Few Questions

    Hello, I have a room which has been "damp proofed", but a bit worried. Am I correct in saying that the walls are drilled from the outside and filled with the cream and then the affected damp is hacked off from the inside upto approx 1mtr high and then the wall reskimmed? If you imagine...
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    Damp patch on wall??

    Hello Guys, After I painted this wall a damp patch appeared from no where. Now before the wall was a magnolia type colour so either I didnt notice it or it only happened once I applied the paint. After giving it several coats of paint the patch didnt go anywhere, and I decided to try...
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    Worcester Bosch 35cdi Loosing Pressure

    Hello, I have a Worcester Bosch 35cdi Combi boiler loosing pressure. It all started when I took a few rads off to paint behind them, and reinstalled them. I topped system up to 1.5bar, bled the rads upstairs after boiler was working for 1.5hrs and heating with piping hot. The only...
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    Skimming Wall - Should I remove skirting board?

    Skimming Wall - Should I remove skirting board? If so... anyone know what this style of skirting is?
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    Boiler & Underfloor Heating - Confused

    Hello, I have a Worcester Bosch 35cdi (Greenstar) boiler, which works on a programmer "BOSS THERM - BUT2". The ON / OFF times are programmed and it works nicely, or so I thought. In a living room I have underfloor heating installed and this is controlled by a thermostat "BOSS THERM...