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  1. JPC

    replacement for landis & gyr v328

    as the title says... anyone know of a direct replacement for 28mm 3 port valve v328 by landis and gyr ....thx
  2. JPC

    looking for " Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain"

    hi...been reading that " Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain " is a penetrating acrylic stain for decking..sounds good from the literature however i cant seem to find a retailer in the uk anyone use this, know where i can get it ? or know of a uk equivalent ? cheers
  3. JPC

    cooker extractor

    hi guys anyone had any experience with cooker extraction ducting. takeway near me has and extractor above the cooker...about 4 meters down it has what looks like an inline extrctor fan (to aid extrction due to distance etc i guess) then goes through the roof. they have asked i look...
  4. JPC

    one of yours ?

    seems likely an unvented cylinder.... :shock:
  5. JPC

    water softners

    Any one fitted the Water softners.. got a customer who wants whole house water softner of the type that does not need topping up with additives ? any ideas on make/model any thing to look out for ? ie w/b boiler fitted with ali exh....softened water at the kitchen tap ? cheers
  6. JPC

    hmmm, sounds like a nice innocent lady !

    Hello My name is Augustina i saw your profile today at( and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am. Here is my email address([email protected])...
  7. JPC

    suggestions for hot water

    Hi folks After some suggestions please I look after the plumbing of a local hairdressers in leicester. They have no gas mains to the building. They hae had hot water from a 1800 ? (therabouts) tall open vented cylinder fed from 3 side immersion heaters. They are now busier and are...
  8. JPC

    plumbing fact-

    the other week i went to a large 4 bedroom house to sort out a rad that would not work. customer rightly suspected the lack of 22mm pipework as the main artery. i agreed and some days later i went back to do the work...lifting floorboards. the boiler flow and return were in 15mm from about 2...
  9. JPC

    moping up after carp plumbers

    well, what a day "Mr plumber, can you sort out some leaks on my bathroom suite" yes no problem this suite is new (only months old) doughnut leaked cistern not screwed, but siliconed to the wall (not a small blob, but all over) bath trap leaks and covered in plumbers mait customer wants a...
  10. JPC

    need help

    a brown patch has appeared on my ceiling...can you help
  11. JPC

    condense piping

    on the subject of condense 1 - Do you use 21.5 grey pushfit..or always white solvent weld 2 if you up it to 32 or 40mm to save on insulation is pushfit ok or do the rubber seals suffer and therefore solvent weld again?
  12. JPC

    gas meter meddling

    do you know if transco come and up the flow through the gas meter if its only delivering 20mb working pressure at the meter Boiler fitted today and inlet working pressure was 16mb at the boiler.....altough gas pipe was sized correctly
  13. JPC

    Solder joints under a gas fire(place)

    hi guys... I work with a corgi guy sometimes. he rang me up this morning telling me he has heard you cant use solder joints under a fire (place). (he has had his corgi about 1 year) He told me cos i'm doing my corgi at the moment. He was also unsure about the accuracy of what hes been...
  14. JPC

    solar - direct or indirect

    has anyone here had experience with solar and if so, would a direct solar, like be better that an indirect one, like most on the market, seemingly. the advantage i see with the direct one is a cylinder swap is not required, hence saving money for the customer any...
  15. JPC

    gas safety

    Me and my corgi mate came went to do a gas safety today. turns out no ecv on premises and gas meter is via a shop downstairs that is not always open. my mate AR'd it and closed off the appliances..per his book. the is a already fitted gas hob on a hose.....he says it should be rigid pipe...
  16. JPC

    hot water vent into f and e

    i came across one water vent and central heating vent were both over the f and e tank...i know it ain't right ...but how bad is it ?? i cant think of any major/dangerous issues...but have i missed anything ? i'll be changing it before you get onto me ! :lol:
  17. JPC

    smeg d/w pcb blown

    hi guys, My smeg d/w dwf614ss stopped working...would not light up, has power to it..... after a looksy, it has a blown pcb...burn/scorch marks on a couple of "electronics bits" Can these normallybe repaired, or where can i get a new one at a reasonable price.. thanks jamie
  18. JPC


    hi guys... Has anyone fitted a Trevi Boost know, the mains cold and gravity hot ones. Q - are the hot and cold pipes fed from the rear to the shower mixer and does the hose screw into the unit...or a separate fitting ?? what would make life easier is a trevi boost (for...
  19. JPC

    28mm gas pipe anywhere on run ? to up the delivery

    hi When doing a gas run i have been told that if a 28mm is required then, it can go anywhere...nearest to meter the better but its not necesarily got to be 28mm to the could have say 22mm for 500mm or similar and then up to 28mm..... is this right? ie my mate fitted a...
  20. JPC

    vented cylinder also a thermal store

    fellow it easy/possible to retro fit a coil to a vented cylinder ? reason i ask is cos today i saw a normal vented cylinder with a 2nd coil at around 3/4 up that was passing mains water through it to feed a it was treating it like a thermal store...not a bad idea i...