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    Stihl HT 75 chain not oiling.

    There appears to be a non return valve between the reservoir and chain case, have cleared it but still no oil. It doesn't appear to have a pump, at least if it does I can't see it. Can anyone help? Thanks. Peter.
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    Countax mower, cant remove deck pulleys

    As above K18 42" deck. bearing seized on small front blade, successfully removed and new bearings fitted but the two larger blades cannot remove the pulleys, removed the bolts, pulleys only appeared to be a push fit with a key but I can't move them. They are not rusted as far as I can see, have...
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    Bosch dishwasher, doesn't always empty

    Its a few years old now but started only emptying intermittently, cleaned the pump and hose although not really dirty. Once the cycle has finished if you start it again it empties. I noticed that the plastic tank/pipe connector on the LH side is sometimes partly full of water. Any suggestions...
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    Help with very damp 300 year old stone house

    We have lived in this house for 50 years so it's actually 350 years old - not that I suppose that it makes any difference. It's been damp most of the time we have been here apart from a few years when Maggie thatcher was throwing money at the building trade when we had quite a lot of work done...
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    Karcher 601 Hds steam cleaner

    Didn't know what category to post this in so it's here. Can anyone help? My son has the above mentioned cleaner/pressure washer with several faults: 1. It cuts out after 20 seconds as though the water pressure is low. Our water supply does have low pressure but the volume of supply is good, it...
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    Bosch Classixx washer

    Mine has ceased working, the lights are on but no movement from the motor. The last time this happened about 7 or 8 years ago I found the brushes were worn and replaced them, this time they are OK though. It has been suggested that the door switch is faulty although I have dismantled and cant...
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    Karcher HDS 601C Pressure washer.

    My son has just bought one of the above second hand but guaranteed, it appears to have two problems. It works fine with hot water but the temperature control will not advance above 90C, just comes to a stop. And if you are trying to run it flat out the exhaust becomes very smokey. Sorry, I meant...
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    Karcher HDS 601C steam cleaner problems

    My son has just bought one of the above second hand but guaranteed, it appears to have two problems. It works fine with hot water but the temperature control will not advance above 90C, just comes to a stop. And if you are trying to run it flat out the exhaust becomes very smokey. Any...
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    Defrosted freezer, now strong garlic smell - goes away when switched on

    I wonder if I have a leak, what does refrigerant smell like now? No I didn't use any sharp instruments, just turned it off and let it thaw out - food removed to another freezer. If you switch it on the smell goes away, comes back again when you switch it off. Beko tall freezer. Thanks Peter
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    Bosch Exxcel dishwasher intermittent emptying.

    We bought this dishwasher secondhand last year, it worked fine at first then started not always pumping out, if you remove the filter and refit it its fine the next time you use it but after a little while it does it again. Every time I have removed the filter the the impeller freely rotates and...
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    Bosch dishwasher water not heating.

    This is a fairly old washer, cold fill only, doesn't seem to have a model No. The water doesn't appear to be heating during the wash but it gets hot at the end, presumably on the drying cycle. My first suspicion was a failed heating element but I don't know if its the same one used for drying...
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    Worcester 15/19 oil boiler, problems with new thermostat

    I wondered why the water was so hot and found the adjustable thermostat was not turning off, it was only the over temperature stat that shut it down. The new thermostat arrived yesterday and I duly fitted only unfortunately the water was still getting very hot, the thermostat was cutting out at...
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    Chain saw woes

    I have a Stihl MS170 12" which has served me very well for years, I recently decided to fit a 14" bar and chain as some of the wood I was cutting was to thick for the 12". The bar I bought was a JAK max and the chain an Archer. I have used archer chains before with no problems but have never...
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    Immersion heater thermostat problems

    I have recently replaced three immersion thermostats and two of them have failed again, one going open circuit and the other going short circuit. I have very rarely had one fail before in the 45 years I have been here. My voltage is a bit high at 240+ volts but it always has been, we are the...
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    Henry vacuum cleaner excessive noise.

    We have two of these cleaners, one belongs to my son and they both make a deafening vibration type noise but I can't find out what is vibrating. Any suggestions? Thanks Peter
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    Zanussi TC 484W Drier belt loose

    I have just fitted a new belt to my sons tumble drier and it appears to be a couple of inches to long. It says 1975H8 on the belt but there is no way I can get it to tension unless I twist the motor fully anti clockwise, then the tension spring is slack and almost in compression. I can't see...
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    Ford Ranger clutch problem

    I wonder or John or anyone else can offer any suggestions. This is my sons vehicle and a copy of the a post he placed elswhere. "All was fine with my MK2 Ranger, sweet gear change and progressive light clutch until the Clutch Master Cylinder started leaking and the clutch wouldn't fully...
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    Leaky bath seal

    Hi Folks I wonder if you can help me. We have a small cottage that we let and I keep on having problems with water leaking to the ceiling below. I have scraped it out and re sealed with silicone three times now but it starts leaking again. I notice that the bath was moving a little when you...
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    Rayburn PJ Ecoflame burner

    I posted a few weeks ago regarding this burner as it would start up, run for a minute or two and then go out. I cleaned the fuel supply out as there was some sediment in the pump and its worked perfectly for several weeks, yesterday it started doing it again. I have cleaned the system today but...
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    Rayburn PJ Ecoflame burner

    Hi Folks, I wonder if someone can help me. We have the above installed and its taken to firing up, running for a couple of minutes then the flame goes out followed by the cut out. I loosened the bleed screw as soon as the pump had stopped expecting there to be no fuel but there was but only a...