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    Radiator sizing

    We have a large room 5m x 4m which has always been a little cool. It has a partial pitched roof with a bedroom over 3/4 of it. Window about 3m2 and 2 outside walls (cavity insulated) and one wall to garage probably insulated. Online calculators show about 6000 btu required. A thermometer is...
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    Dimmer for leds

    wife has very good hearing and can hear most of the cheap dimmers we have in the house. We are redecorating and switching 2 rooms to dimmable leds. Now TLC have what they say are silent dimmer modules (trailing edge) but would any led lamp work of these or are the lamps choosy about dimmer type?
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    Render query

    Son's house has an ovehang above the front door (outside), bathroom above. It is rendered (?) and the render is coming off, the board appears to be plastic of some kind - see photo. What do I need to re-do this so it stay on. Have checked and there are no leaks in the bathroom.Porch by IJWS15...
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    Upcoming job for daughter

    She is getting a new TV and wants it on the wall. Sky box will be in unit below TV. I intend to add a single socket behind the tv and an outlet for the feed from the stb. To future proof considering burying a piece of 25 or 38 mm square conduit between 2 back boxes so cables can be replaced...
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    strip LEDs

    I have to replace some under cabinet flourescents in the kitchen and rather than do a like for like was looking at LED tape, but then it gets complicated. Considering RGBW and dimmable (she wants green but will change her mind and white cabability would be useful). Now I understand that I...
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    Shower Tray Problem

    Just installed a new shower tray, stone resin tray (1700x800) bedded on mortar and everything solid while tiling completed and siliconed in. First time it was used wife reports that the centre of the tray has some give……. Anyone any suggestions as to the issue? Tray was rigid before...
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    Tececomn Premier Elite 24 - Changing PIRs

    My Daughter bought a house last year that has this panel and PIRs (18 months old). The installers engineer upset her when he did the handover and she doesn't want them back. First question: They came out and changed the Engineer code 10 days ago and she asked him to set it to a number which is...
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    Sheet vinyl and ply

    Daughter wants sheet vinyl in her cloakroom Concrete (beam and block with skim) floor is pretty flat and smooth, room is about 2 m sq. Am considering using ply underneath to lift the surface and probably warm the surface. while I could screw it down would contact adhesive do?
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    Hard wiring a video doorbell.

    Wife wants one of these and I don’t want a power lead dangling down the wall to a wall wart. Connection between inside and outside is ok (long drill) but I want to hide the transformer in the garage about 5-6 metres away. Transformer is 15 v 1.2 a output and wall unit claims to be the same...
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    Roca L1 - Removing wall plate

    Am puzzled by this, cleaning limescale from the seals on my son’s toilets and two have been easy as they have the large cover plate that you slide up to remove. The third is different, it is smaller with ridges on the buttons, and looks (from googling photos of roca plates) like an L1. How...
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    Texecomn R8 Programming Question

    Just replaced a 17 year old R8 Panel with a new one, all connections wired as previous board. Internal and external sounders work and all sensors work on walk test. 7 zones used, 1 is entry (hall), 2-6 are guard and 7 is landing. Link fitted to board for zone 8. On full set first zone we hit...
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    Veritas Alarm issue

    Veritas Alarm installed by ADT about 2002 (we moved in 2004) - not maintained. Moved a sensor yesterday to strip wallpaper and refixed (zone 7). Last night when I tried to set the alarm it wouldn't set and beeps are as follows: "Part" pressed - Lights 1-6 on full, 7 flashing, 6 pairs of low...
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    Lofthouse Wood Frost

    Slight miscalculation and we are a copuple of tiles short. Anyone got any spares? PM me
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    Removing tiles from stell stud wall

    I have tiles to remove from a steel stud and plasterboard wall. Only concern is that on the other side of the wall is another tiled bathroom. I know the wall is flexible but am I likely to get away without disturbing the other side? Won't be an absolute disaster if I do as I have to redo that...
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    Boiler return partly in 15mm

    We have a Y-plan system with indirect tank and non-condensing (13 year old boiler/house). Have recently cleaned system and added inhibitor (the one advised in boiler manual) as we seemed to have a cycling issue - now gone as far as I can tell. The mid-position valve was also swopped while the...
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    Ideal Slimline Classic FF260

    As above, hot water tank and central heating both with header tanks in the loft. Indirect cylinder. Boiler was getting very noisy and fan changed. Boiler been off 2 days waiting for part (we were away), now as we wanted hot water quickly on water only the boiler is cycling. Pump is turning...
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    Booster pump or mains pressure tank.

    Looking for some advice, Hot water heated from boiler, indirect tank with header tank in loft (surface water level about 3ft above first floor ceiling). Cold water supply has a pressure reducing valve in the garage set at about 3-4 bar to limit the pressure in the house, the cold water...
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    Wireless alarms

    son is buying a new house and we are looking for a wireless alarm. The most recent recommendations thread is a couple of years old and technology moves on. I have fitted a couple of wired systems in the past. Will probably need 4 pairs and a door contact or 5 pairs, may want to add camera in...
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    Valor 846 electris fire - no flamee effect

    As above and expected this to be a simple bulb to change. Manual says call valor . . . Is it just a bulb or is it more complex?
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    Veritas Alarm not setting

    We have a Veritas 8 (maybe 8+) installed around 12 years ago (before we bought the house). A couple of weeks ago it would not set - Wife could not get the keypad to do anything. When I got in lifted the cover on the keypad (sounders went off) and eventually by pressing reset it started working...