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    Smart Meters 'forced' on people?

    I am with Scottish power and have been bombarded with letters and emails about having smart meters I have not responded to them not had any for over a week now. The adverts I hear are a joke any fool knows if you put a washing machine and similar it uses a lot of power I mean I have been on...
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    Oh dear!

    On Friday morning 10:45 sat down to the PC and Power went off oh not again I said so rang ENWL while I was on the phone a fire engine went up our road so when finished on the phone I had a walk up the road. When I got to the end of the road where the 11 kv pole is and the clamp had broken...
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    main fuse tripped

    I had to use what I had to hand but all the switches are the same so I will get some of those screws. Andy
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    main fuse tripped

    My wife switched a light on and it tripped the MCB and on investigation I found a single screw for the back box at an angle with a sharp edge this had penetrated the insulation on the live wire so had to countersink the hole in the back box so it fits nearly flush fortunately there was enough...
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    Meter fitter caused a short circuit

    Reverse polarity.
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    Stuck on PCB for extractor hood. Can an expert help?

    That looks like a dry joint probably due to lead free solder so best to use leaded solder to repair it I see all the time on modern equipment. Andy
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    Is there any reliable wireless door chime?

    A friend of mine bought a wireless doorbell from Aldi and he had the same problems would work for a day or two then stop and I suspected what Eric said was the problem as there is a Ham just up the road. So I said he has two options either take it back for a refund or switch it off and on very...
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    I am very sad to hear this news RIP Westie.
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    Transformer fire?

    I'll bet that cable has been hit by farm machinery at some point a similar thing happened here. Untitled by radioredcat posted 1 Apr 2011 at 11:14 AM Untitled by radioredcat posted 1 Apr 2011 at 11:12 AM You can see where the 11 kv cable was as this cable was a feed from a generator on a refuse...
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    Putting a 3-pin plug on my boiler.

    We have had Generators on planned outages the last on was when they changed our pole mounted transformer. Back in the 80's they were changing Insulators on our 11kv feed but we still had power but on this occasion I did not see the generator. On another time we had a generator supplying us...
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    Switching OFF bathroom lights trips the RCD

    I had a problem with our lights the other week I switched a light off and heard a click from the CU and the lights went out. The MCB had tripped taking the light switch off and the Live wire was blown apart this was caused by the single back box screw which was too big for the hole making it...
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    Western Power Fridge magnet

    Hi Westie PM sent thanks for any help on this. Andy
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    Western Power Fridge magnet

    We don't need a fridge magnet with our DNO No as here in powercut alley we know it off by heart as we have had 6 this year so far. 7 hrs in May 5 hrs in July 15/10/14 16:30 off 19:35 on 3:05 16/10/14 15:45 off 16:45 on 1:00 21/10/14 13.35 off 17:05 on 3:30 21/10/14 19:25 off...
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    NICEIC allows use of green/yellow conductor as live

    I have one example as to why I think using G/Y wire for other purposes than a CPC is a bad idea in the link below. // This I believe can lead to confusion as the electrician who wire the boiler was confused as he mixed up the CPC's...
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    Melting Adapter & Tripping - Cause?

    There was a recall on Wylex breakers and it means taking them out and checking the codes on the sides. Andy
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    Pics from the network

    Many thanks for the explanation efiste2 always good to know how the network works. Andy
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    Pics from the network

    I am wondering how long the customers were without power as it would take some time to replace the burnt out items. Andy
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    Picture of the month!™

    At least they can read the meter but buggered if the meter needs changing :D Andy
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    I've got 46 volts between black wire and earth

    In flats that I have seen the landlords fuse is usually in a locked cupboard in the communal hallway. Andy
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    Charging adapters breaking one by one.

    A few years ago I was given a British Gas energy monitor and my wife complained about a whistling noise and it was found to be the PSU for the monitor. I am deaf as a post and have a constant whistle in my ears (tinnitus) so I could not hear it. I put it at the other side behind my PC...