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    uPVC door frame vertical add-ons letting moisture across to inner leaf.

    Moisture is getting across the void to the inner leaf, and the emulsioned skim is moulding slightly adjacent the door frame so I need some sort of vertical make-up trim externally to cover the door frame/add-on join? Is it better to recess the external render up the side of the door frame a...
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    Can anyone recommend a good 6mm click vinyl that doesn't cost £40m²

    What about the sheds? Tnx, Dain
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    18mm hardwood ply thickness variation? Do I need to countersink? (Floor job)

    I picked up some 18mm ply from B&Q earier this year for a flooring job but need a few sheets more. Is there likely to be much variation in thickness between the 1st lot and the next few sheets? Do they dry out further in the home after coming off the shelf in the sheds? Ply being fixed on CLS...
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    Replace olive on rad tail?

    I mistakenly tried mixing and matching a new trv and a rad tail that were supplied separately. But I don't think they're a great match. I should have used the original matching trv/tail, but the tail olive has now been tightened once do you get tail olives off to replace them?
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    Does all D4 glue set in 10 minutes?

    Gluing & screwing ply sheets down to CLS, Toolstation has some cheap (cheaper than Egger) D4, but 10 minutes? Is there a good slower option?
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    Do the olives in rad trvs restrict the flow much when crimping them up?

    I have some 8mm tails that need extending to the rad. Would it be of any benefit if I continued them to the rad valves with 10mm?
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    Difficulty sourcing replacement 32mm push fit seal in old soil pipe

    I'm putting a washing machine waste on the old sink waste 32mm spiggot/push fit collar on the soil pipe. It looks like the old sink 32mm waste going into the soil pipe was cut to length with a broken roof tile, so the seal is shot. The seat in the old grey 32mm collar is different, so a new O...
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    15mm Chrome plated copper pipe

    Is it ok? What's it like to solder? Can I put a compression fitting on it?
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    Plastic float to prevent scratching uPVC

    What sort of float is used when plastering/skimming around uPVC windows so the white uPVC doesn't get scratched by a steel float? I looked on Screwfix but maybe I wasn't using the right search term, I couldn't find anything that looked right. Tnx Dain
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    Hardwall job materials calculator

    Is there a reliable online materials calculator? Actual areas without addition to be on the safe side etc are: hardwall - 10m² skim - 20.7m² This presumes that hardwall needs a skim finish.
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    Biasi Riva Advance 32 - LO message on digital display

    The DHW NTC has just been replaced. Drained down, fuse removed before starting the job. Refilled, fuse replaced. So now just the left light of the (3) status indication lights is flashing slowly, which says the boiler is ok. I have hot water again. But now no CH, and there is this big LO...
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    How to support cls frame for ply floor - and how many supports?

    Car port being domesticated, it's conc. base has a couple of coats of Sikha Rapid DPM plus membrane. I was thinking of using decking pedestals but how was it done prior to these arriving on the scene? Do I just masonry bolt lots of short CLS bearers/feet down and chock/brace off these? What...
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    Support spacings below 8'x4'x18mm ply substrate?

    The ply substrate is for a click vinyl surface. the cls frame will be sat on rubber pads or low level decking pedestals on rubber pads (on a membrane) I was thinking of using a stud type support framework so that ply edges have landings along their full length? So does the usual 400mm joist...
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    Edge trim for click vinyl

    Am putting in 18mm ply with 8mm click vinyl surface, looking for an 8mm edge trim to go along the btm of this sliding door, just under the window frame btm, it's a bit tight for clearance at the right hand end but gets better to the left. Reveal is 2525 skim to skim. There is a 2.5m Dial 8mm...
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    Membrane over Sikha Rapid DPM? Should I bother?

    A gallon of Sikha, spread in 2 coats (5x4m room). Regs told me to run a membrane along the base of and up the inside of the blockwork wall before the stud went on. Am putting down a CLS plus 18mm ply substrate, then 8mm click vinyl. Do I really need to continue the membrane across the whole...
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    Height of mirror light?

    What height would you generally have the 1.5mm tail sticking out of the plaster? What length tail should be ok? What are the considerations.. Thank you, Dain
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    New aerial type?

    I lost the signal from my 30yr old aerial, it was pointed straight at a booster station a few km off. I turned the tv on to see what gives whilst I tinker with the aerial; when I disconnected the coax from the aerial the visual/audio returned? But the signal vanished when I reconnected to the...
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    Pass thru wall plate? for washing machine cable

    I'm arranging a washing machine cable to exit a bathroom, thru an interior brick wall, to a FCU on the far side. Outside zone 2. Is there a 'pass tru' wall plate available for the bathroom side, maybe with a single gang back box, to tidy it up. Rather than just having the washing machine cable...
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    Electric heated tower rad, fused spur outside zone 2 etc

    Bathroom being replaced/rearranged. Washing machine going in bathroom corner via new spur in hall, with upward sloping hole up to new spur backbox. Is it ok to Wago a junction in a 16mm blanked off galvanised backbox, to run a switched fused suppy for the towel rad off to the left (1000 height...
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    What gap to allow between Aquapanel boards, for joint adhesive?

    What gap should I allow when cutting the boards, given that adhesive is being used instead of scrim etc. I gather the adhesive expands? Is this right? Or do I just butt them up tight after glueing, and get the screws in rapid?