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  1. Whitworth

    Car battery charger problems

    Have a look at C-TEK chargers. Some of these and indeed other manufacturers have the facility to charge deep drained batteries. Be prepared to pay though. Round about £60 I think. TTFN
  2. Whitworth

    Ford Escort Estate Front brakes binding - three problems

    Perhaps a fault with the internals of the brake servo or maybe a worn or broken return spring in the master cylinder allowing servo to operate the brakes without driver input?
  3. Whitworth

    Cleaning alternator...

    If it was me I would start by disconnecting the multiplug from the ecu and checking continuity of all the wires to wherever they go on the wiring diagram. Also check the 12v feed. Not unknown for a hidden wire to break in the loom. (I have had this happen to me!) It seems the ignition side of...
  4. Whitworth

    Cleaning alternator...

    Not sure if there are two temp senders (one for gauge and one for ECU) but one thread I read mentioned the temp sender being under the distributor. Not sure if its the same model as yours but it was single point injection.
  5. Whitworth

    Cleaning alternator...

    Have had a look around t'internet. A lot of starting problems on VW single point fuel injection seem to stem from the temp sender. Found one on DIYNOT too. // Different car but similar system. It has been suggested elsewhere that...
  6. Whitworth

    Cleaning alternator...

    Logic would suggest that, as you have removed and replaced the inlet manifold intact, you haven't disturbed the fuel injection system. It worked before so it should work now. Double check all electical leads also any rubber hoses etc connected to the manifold for leaks. Obvoius things like plug...
  7. Whitworth


    Any new mobile phone masts in the area?
  8. Whitworth

    Cleaning alternator...

    Take the fuel filler cap off, it might help when priming system.
  9. Whitworth

    Flushing oil or additive?

    Would agree with Tinker, probably oil running down the stem seals and accumulating when the engine is off. Takes the 1/2 mile to burn it off. They will be leaking when the engine is running but doesn't get the chance to build up as its burn't off instantly so not noticeable. Rule of thumb...
  10. Whitworth

    vauxhall astra crankbolt

    Bally good show :D Another happy ending, I'm wellin' up :D :D
  11. Whitworth

    Why won't my scooter run?

    Glad you got it going. Thanks for letting us know the outcome. :D TTFN
  12. Whitworth

    Focus fuel filter Anyone tried these? Could you get in with a centre punch and knock it round?
  13. Whitworth

    Focus fuel filter

    John, not familiar with the position of the filter, but is there any way you could use a holesaw from inside the car (in boot or under back seat where it wouldn't affect the car cosmetically) to make an access hole to get to the screw? You could then plug the hole with a rubber blanking grommet...
  14. Whitworth

    mazda 6 wheel noise

    Jack up offending wheel and fit an axle stand. Grip the wheel at 12 and 6 o'clock position and give it a shake. If there is any movement, usually acompanied by a clicking sound, then its a wheel bearing. If not follow johns instructions in ther previous post. :D
  15. Whitworth

    vauxhall astra crankbolt

    As an aside, 85% of bolt torque is absorbed through thread friction and bolt flange friction :shock: So for every 100 lb/ft only 15 is actually stretching the bolt. Very important to clean high torque threads and use proper lube if specified. :wink: Anyway, PJ, got it sorted yet? :D
  16. Whitworth

    Ford radio code

    £30 for the code :shock: Thats bang out of order especially after spending £600 previously. If the car's out of warranty time to look for a good independant who will value your custom. Ask around and get some recommendations. There are some good guys out there still. :D
  17. Whitworth

    vauxhall astra crankbolt

    What made me think it might be is the size. 12mm quite small compared to 'traditional' monster crank bolt, plus they give you one in the kit (albeit the wrong one!) Might be worth asking on a Vauxhall forum just in case after all its only a few quid. Is the belt on this one tensioned by the...
  18. Whitworth

    vauxhall astra crankbolt

    Check if it's a stretch bolt before reusing. If it is get a new one. Explanation of a stretch bolt blagged from another website:- The replacement bolts your dealer supplied are referred to as s-t-r-e-t-c-h bolts, because they are PERMANENTLY stretched when properly installed. When...
  19. Whitworth

    Ford radio code

    Is the radio fitted as standard? If so your Ford dealer should be able to help. They will probably need the VIN number.
  20. Whitworth

    ford fiesta 1.4 tdci vibration

    Could be a worn engine mount rubber. With engine cold give the engine a good shake and listen for any metal to metal contact.