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    Decline of society

    I've said it before, the state of things today is down to two things. 1- introduction of chocolate into breakfast cereals 2- the decline of the mixed grill
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    UKIP candidate out of the racist closet

    Not that he was very far in it by the sound of it.
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    Changes in Northern Ireland demographics

    I cane across this which I found interesting as the election looms
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    Norcon. WWII

    Just watching 'Dig WW 2 with Dan Snow' on WWII vehicles buried and sunk in NI, have you seen it!
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    WW1 Bits

    On the back of the story of the soldiers who are being buried in Belgium, some WW1 stories. I particularly like the 'Dazzle' camouflage. Perhaps it would help when going past a speed trap :lol:
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    Death Row Release

    Quite a story....miscarriages of justice are the biggest argument against the death penalty for me. Is the moral side of state taking a life a different issue?
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    Please don't read this if your religious beliefs are likely to be threatened by logic and facts. I'm less engaged by the one off example, than the 'whistling lawn mower' analogy
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    Please don't read this if you are Christian...

    ....and if your faith is not robust enough to be challenged by logic. If you find that facts get in the way of your beliefs , then don't read this link. If you are happy to explore the idea that God is imaginary, click away.
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    Post election alliances

    Current state of play 28 seats currently apart from the big three. What if the SNP, SF, SDLP, PC and one other made a bloc of 18 seats? (If SF take their seats etc ) DUP will go with Cons regardless?
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    Farage this morning

    Anyone hear his interview on R4 this morning? Very poor on failing to answer a direct question, and said we don't need to worry about 'the detail ' of his proposed immigration policy. Mind you, it might wake him up enough so he does some homework in order to give the others a bit more to...
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    500 year old frozen body As per title.
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    More maps....where suits you?

    Maps of traits , of areas in Britain. Where should you live?
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    Eye Eye

    Little article on a new discovery, which sheds light * on the evolution of the eye. *best pun I could manage, sorry
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    I mislaid my two debit cards and ordered replacements. Card A would still have the same PIN, and. Card B needed to have a new PIN sent out. So I was surprised when the new PIN for Card B arrived and it was the same as the PIN for card A. For me, that's quite a coincidence but with all...
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    Some different maps, one of which shows the countries that don't use the Metric system that we discussed a while back.
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    Eric 'Winkle' Brown

    A bust of this man was unveiled at the Fleet Air Museum. Fascinating life . "When you read through his life story, it makes James Bond seem like a bit of a slacker,"
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    Following on from the Britain/UK discussion, any thoughts on GSTQ being replaced by one that would include other parts of the UK, rather than it just being one written for England? Or should each part of the UK have their own official one?
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    Racist Joke

    Why did the racist spit out his yoghurt ? He heard there was a foreign culture in it.
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    Buffy targets the undead

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    Just wondering about the use of 'libertard' - is it meant to be a derogatory word for a libertarian? Or something else?