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    TITAN chain saw (TTL758CHN)

    Hi. Just bought a chain saw by TITAN. I've never had a chain saw before. I believe I have installed the Guide Bar and the Chain correctly. I turned the saw on for a fraction of a second hoping that all is well. But, although I sensed the motor start, I'm pretty sure I never saw the chain move...
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    Dormer drills A095

    Hi. In the late 60's and during the 70's as a kid I'd use my dad's Dormer drills. They were black. Good drills. About 10 years ago now I bought two metal boxes of Dormer drills, A095 N0.202 & A095 No. 18. Paid about £150 for both. from Greenwood Tools Ltd of Bromsgrove. The drills are tipped...
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    Can you "refresh" cement?

    Hi. I bought cement to make concrete to be used to effect a border around my garden. So, great strength of concrete is not required. Now, I've had this cement 2 years. Say I have six bags, can I "refresh" the cement by adding a bag a new cement to three bags of the old? Would not attempt this...
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    Is there such a thing as a dedicated pipe inscriber?

    Hi. I've got some steam pipe which is about 60mm diameter and thick-walled. I'd like to inscribe a line across the circumference (prior to grinding). Is there such a thing as a pipe/tube inscriber? If not, I'm thinking of getting a plastic tube cutter and using that (because you can get these...
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    Can anyone recommend a scrap yard near Wakefield?

    Hi. I'm wanting to buy some angle iron 6 foot long with the sides at 2 inches. Sort of thing they made bedsteads from. Best bet would be source from scrap yard I think. Can anyone suggest a scrap yard near Wakefield in West Yorkshire that might have this kind of product hanging around? I'm...
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    Flag laying: Can you buy a "rail"?

    Hi. When preparing the ground for laying flags you can lay down a pair of "rails" which, when used in conjuction with a scraper (which could simply be a piece of wood), produces a perfectly flat surface for the flags to sit upon at the right height. Question is: Can you purchase a "rail" made...
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    Needing the screw part of a clamp

    Hi. I'm wanting to make something that utilises the screwing part of a G-clamp. Unless I can obtain only that part I'll have to buy a clamp and cut off from it the screwing part along with the threaded hole, and weld it to my "concoction". So, unless anyone can advise on a better approach, I...
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    Using a variable frequency drive

    Hi. I have a belt sander, the type that usually has a bench grinder with it. It's a Parkside model PSBS 240 C2. It has an induction motor rated 240W. I'd like to alter the speed by using a variable frequency drive. Has anyone here any experience of using a VFD with tools? Thanks. Rich
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    Bayonet fittings: On their way to obsolence?

    Hi. Tempted by the offer (£2 a piece at ASDA) I bought 6 batten lamp holders by British General. Well made. But, have I been sensible? I mean, will bayonet fitting lamps still be able to be bought in the future, or are they on their way out to Edison Screw? Thanks.
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    Help needed with selection of nail-proof circular saw blade

    Hi. I have a PARKSIDE table saw (bought at Lidl) model PMTS 210 A1. (It's actually made by Scheppach). The blade is dia. 210mm, bore dia., 30mm, 2.6mm kerf, 24 teeth. Riving knife thickness 2mm, max speed 7000 min-1. I was cutting wood then saw sparks, so I stopped. I have the impression (from...
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    New use for a washing machine - any ideas?

    Hi. I have a Bosch drum type washing machine that I'm trying to make use of, but not as a clothes washing machine. So, I've taken out the control panel, envisaging a home-brew panel that pretty much simply turns on the motor and enables speed variation of it. But, I am rather stuck on what...
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    Does joining a washer drain pipe amount to a leak risk?

    Hi. I'm wanting a professional plumber to answer if possible. I had to cut my washer drain pipe near the point it enters the washer. My landlord (a local council) was in the process if re-installing the washing machine after fitting a new kitchen. But, I got an email which told me I need to buy...
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    Feedthrough washing machine connectors

    Hi. Instead of passing the washing machine cold water pipe and the drain pipe through a hole or holes in the kitchen unit partition wall, to affix to points under the sink unit. I'd like to use two feed-through (or bulkhead) units. That would mean if I install or uninstall the washer I would not...
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    Is there a wall PLUG?

    Hi. I have a scheme whereby the outside sockets (used for gardening tools) will be connected to a cable that will run through the house wall in the direction of a cupboard. Inside the cupboard the idea would be to terminate that cable in a wall plug. So, when I want to use these sockets, I'd use...
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    Should I balk at the shower arrangement?

    Hi. As a layperson, with limited experience, it's not always clear whether one should balk at something and complain - or not. Council are putting in a new boiler, replacing the old one that could heat up a cylinder and/or provide central heating. The new boiler won't have a cylinder/tank. So...
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    Not to fill-in channel when putting in false wall: Shoddy?

    Hi. Council is constructing a false wall on a no-fines wall that has longish two channels dug into it that previously held electrical cables. Workman come today and fitted the battens which will hold some plywood sheet which then will have plasterboard attached. New electrics will fit into this...
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    Covering My Mastic Asphalt Floor

    Hi. I do not believe that you can paint over mastic asphalt as such. Like you can paint on, say, concrete. I'd love to paint over the asphalt (which has the odd patch here and there of concrete in it, caused when I removed some fire hearths) and create a nice even-coloured surface, but as I...
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    What is this paint?

    Hi. I'm wanting to find out the kind of paint that's on a commercially made desk. Because I want to use the same on a project of mine. So, does anyone know if the blue paint on the desk is a particular type or brand. It's got a matt finish, looks like a pastel kind of colour. Thank you. Rich.
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    Cutting aluminium sheet on a table saw

    Hi. Searching the internet I see various YouTube posts where cutting of aluminium sheet is demonstrated. So, my understand is that if the execution of arrangments to cut aluminium is satisfactory, cutting aluminium on a table saw made for cutting wood is acceptable. What I get from looking at...
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    Using a disc sander with shelf

    Hi. I'm making a home-made disc sander with a shelf in front of the disc. I'm going to be using diamond pads to take make and polish 60mm cubes from Yorkshire sandstone. Firstly, is it correct to assume that although only 50mm of the disc with show above the shelf (assuming the shelf is halfway...