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  1. benraz69

    Unvented recommendations: Joule v RM Cylinders?

    Afternoon all, I see Joule bought out RM Cylinders a few years back. Does this mean the RM Prostel or RM Optimum are decent options to fit now? Or best to stick with a Joule-branded Cyclone still? Any other recommendations welcomed. Cheers, Ben.
  2. benraz69

    I need a cylinder/pump flange that doesn’t exist!

    Evening all, Looking for a flange to connect a shower pump to a HWC. The cylinder has an integrated 22mm compression connection at the top (no 1” or ¾” BSP). It also has an unused 22mm compression tapping on the side, which is normally used as a secondary HW return. The problem: I can’t find a...
  3. benraz69

    Correct build-up of subfloor for UFH + engineered herringbone planks?

    Joists > 18mm/25mm ply > 6mm UFH insulation boards > electric UFH > SLC > engineered herringbone planks. Sound right? Also, is there any requirement to stick the herringbone down, or can I just float it? Thanks in advance :)
  4. benraz69

    Mosaics over electric UFH & chipboard?

    Installing an Impey wetroom former/tray & tanking kit. The floor will be tanked, then electric UFH, then mosaics... but before that, the existing subfloor is P5 grade chipboard which is in good condition. I assume I'll need something over the top of that before tanking, i.e. thin ply/tile...
  5. benraz69

    130mm/5" waste pipe? (Photos included)

    Hi all, I have a socket (underground) which I need to connect onto. It appears to be made of black plastic & has an ID of approx 130mm/5". So I need something, i.e. a length of pipe, adapter, etc, with has a similar OD to connect into it (I'm eventually connecting it to a standard gully with a...
  6. benraz69

    Best way to repair this leak?

    Hi all, We live an old Edwardian property that was converted into four flats many years ago. Myself & the owner of the ground floor flat have an outside tap each (The gardens are quite big, so these taps are freestanding, i.e. not mounted to the main building or anything). The single main...
  7. benraz69

    CH won't fire. HW works fine. Any ideas?

    Hi all, I've changed the batteries & re-synced the RF roomstat, which all did as it's meant to. Other than that, nothing - no lights on the boiler, pump doesn't kick in, no movement on the motorised valve (The HW works fine - boiler, pump, etc). Any ideas?... My system is as follows: •...
  8. benraz69

    Twin pump: Alter HWC pipework or fit flange?

    Hi all, I have a Stuart Turner Monsoon 3 bar pump which sits at the base of my HWC. When I originally fitted the pump, I just plumbed it straight into the existing H&C feeds for convenience - knowing that I'd have the opportunity to alter it later (This weekend, I'm redoing most of the...
  9. benraz69

    Floating T&G engineered oak floor - basic questions.

    Hi all :) I'm installing a floating floor using 15mm T&G engineered oak over existing floorboards. I'm using cork expansion strips round all the edges (which will then be covered by the skirting boards). Should I run a bead of PVA down the groove of each new board or leave it? (If it makes a...
  10. benraz69

    Setting a fence post in using a "cast-in post shoe&quot

    Afternoon all :) I've had a wooden fence post blow over (it broke off at ground level). I've gunned quite a bit of the concrete base out & the remaining section of post is completely soaking/rotten. Unfortunately, because it's a shared fence, I'm obliged to put a matching wooden post back in...
  11. benraz69

    Fireplace questions (Photos included)

    Evening all! First post, so go easy :wink: I've just moved into an Edwardian property which has a working clay back fireplace & have removed the surrounding out-of-keeping 1970s blockwork. The main issue is I've only been left with 170mm depth of fireplace. The original grate which sits on...