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    Angle of a brace

    When making a ledge and brace garden gate what is the minimum and maximum angle a brace should be positioned at? From what I've read the angle should be 45 degrees or more. If it's more than 45 degrees what is the max range?
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    Nails or screws for garden gate

    What kind of fixing would you recommend for a ledge and brace tongue and groove gardens gate. Would you use screws or nails? what type of screws or nails would you recommend? For 20mm thick boards and 32mm thick batten what length and diameter fixing would be right. 3 x 50mm nails or 4 x 40mm...
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    Arranging tongue and groove boards for garden gate

    On a tongue and groove ledge and brace garden gate , does it matter which side the orientation of the growth ring on the tongue and groove boards face? Should the heartwood of the boards face the outside of the gate or inside or does it not matter? My understanding is the outside of the board...
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    Expansion gap on tongue and groove garden gate

    I'm building a garden gate using pressure treated tongue and groove boards that 15mm x 100mm and nailed down using round galvanised nails. How much of an expansion gap should I leave between the boards? Should they be fitted tight or do you leave an expansion gap.
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    Twyford closed couple cistern with no fixing plate

    Hi, I've bought a new Twyford closed couple cistern (OT2421WH) and reading through the fixing instruction noticed the hardware supplied doesn't match the instructions. The fixing hardware is missing metal fixing plate and metal washers. Instead what I've received are 2 x rubber washers with...
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    Screwing down tongue and groove boards for ledge and brace gate

    Hi, I'm constructing a 6ft x 3ft ledge and brace garden gate using 15mm thick tongue and groove boards and 40mm thick ledge and bracing. I've seen a number of youtube clips which show joiners constructing such gates by screwing the boards down from the back of the gate rather than the front for...
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    Toilet pan connector

    I need to replace a toilet due to a cracked cistern. I notice the pan connector appears to be what looks like solvent weld type, correct me if I'm wrong. Can the same connector be used on the new toilet or is it best to replace the pan connector as I'm not sure I can find another toilet where...
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    Repair or replace cracked toilet cistern

    I have the following close coupled toilet and the ceramic cistern has cracked. Tenant say it happened by itself. Looking at the crack is this believable or do you guys reckon is due to some accidental or other impact? I understand cisterns can crack over time due to temperature changes or...
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    Fixings for timber gate post

    I need to hang a 6ft by 3 ft tongue and groove gate between a side entrance. I have a 2x4 pressure treated post which I need to attach to a side brick wall from which to hang the gate. Will a size 7 brown rawl plug and using four equally spaced 5x100mm screws suffice to securely fix the timber...
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    Which order to paint walls, skirts and caulk

    I've had some new skirting fitted and I need to caulk the top edge against the wall as some quite wide gaps exposed. My intention is to use clear varnish on the skirting and a white silk emulsion on the walls. Which order do I paint and caulk the walls and skirting. Do I apply the varnish to...
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    Can i use exterior masonry paint indoors?

    I have some dulux exterior weathershield emulsion paint. Can I use this indoors?
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    Thinning down vinyl matt emulsion

    Hi, Can I thin out some vinyl matt emulsion paint with water to paint a first coat over some new lining paper? The paper is quite absorbent so I was thinking maybe water down the paint for the first coat? what ratio to water down? Any advise appreciated?
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    Zinsser perma white over lining paper

    I've pasted some fresh 1700 grade lining paper. Is zinsser perma white suitable to paint over lining paper and do I need to thin the first coat when painting fresh lining paper of such a heavy grade?
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    Repair bitumen/asphalt type flooring

    I have a concrete floor which has some bitumen or asphalt type flooring. It has cracked in some corners - see pic. How do I repair this?
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    Is undercoat needed over zinnser bin?

    I have just sanded down some skirting which had a water based gloss on and whilst sanding/scraping the water based paint and whatever was beneath has flaked off in large areas revealing bare wood whilst other areas the paint remains tight. I was thinking of using bin primer to seal the bare...
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    Water under suspended subfloor void

    I have a 1900s terraced house. The front room is of suspended timber floor and the back room has a concrete floor. The floorboards in the front room constantly keep rotting as there is water under the subfloor void and the entire room smells of damp. If i dig a hole in the subfloor void (see...
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    Painting on top of wallpaper backing paper

    I've removed the top layer of some wallpaper which has left its backing paper. Underneath the backing paper is lining paper. Can I paint over the wallpaper backing paper or I'm I going to have to strip back to the plaster, reline it again and then paint? Please note I can't paint directly...
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    What kind of wood to use for fascia board and capping

    I have one of them prefab concrete garages which has a corrugated roof (probably asbestos) and a wooden fascia board and capping. The capping boards and fascia have rotted which I need to replace. What kind of wood should I use. Should I use pressure treated timber or will normal planed...
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    Sealant adhesive to bond oil based painted timber

    Hi, I need to bond and seal a piece of timber which is already over painted with a sikkens oils based paint to some bricks. Whats a decent sealant adhesive that will work on oil based paints? Is stixall any good and will it adhere to timber that has an oil based paint? Any advice and...
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    Electronic or magnetic ballast

    I have a 2D florescent bath lamp which is constantly blinking and won't remain switched on. Tried replacing the start switch which made no difference. I want to try replacing the bulb now to see if that's the problem however i don't know what type of ballast I have and most of the bulbs i've...