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    Aqualisa visage remote switch

    the rats in the loft have chewed through the comms cable to the remote button. So although there is a sticker on the cable saying don't cut it, my question is can I solder the cables back together or use a connector block? Rather than try and run a new cable?
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    2inch Durgo

    Got an issue with svp that builder fitted on brothers extension. Nowhere to terminate 4 inch vent and fitting 4 inch Durgo in en suite is a bit of a pain so am thinking of branching of in 2 inch and then a dugo. Anyone see an issue with that? Cheers, never done it like that before!
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    Benteke, Benteke, Benteke!

    Nuffield said. UTV.
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    Audi A3 2.0T screaming noise?

    Wife's car, engine noise. AA came and said fly wheel bearings or clutch. Had two diagnostics now and all said same. So, car in garage with new clutch and flywheel - still same noise?! Simple checks done like oil cap, dip stick seal etc. Is this gonna be an engine prob? Already cost £1k...
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    Mulipoint water heater

    Just after any recommendation on water heaters. Never had to fit one before but I have a customer wanting to take out their combination cylinder for a boiler. They don't want central heating as they have a wood burner. I'm looking at the Vokera Aquanova or the fan flued Main multipoint! Any...