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    Anti slip rug mat/underlay

    Hi folks, Can someone advise what's the best thing to use under a rug to avoid it slipping? The rug is going on a titled floor.. I have used all sorts off anti slips mats from B&Q and IKEA but they are all useless.. Please can you advise what works best in your experience
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    Dried out grout from the tiles

    Hi folks, Made a school boy error and left the grout on too long before sponging it (yes I'm cursing myself too).. what is the easiest way to clean the grout from the tiles? I have used wet scouring pads and it's pure taking ages.. I don't want to use any chemicals which would result in the...
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    Old adhesive

    I have had few tiles comes loose in the upstairs bathroom (6 year old.. no bounce on the floor so only thing I can think of is that it was not applied correctly).. I want to prepare the floor to reapply adhesive and wanted to check what's the best and easiest way to remove the old adhesive? I...
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    UFH and temperature probe conduit

    Hi all, Have laid the Premium Pro brand UFH in the living room which will be tiled over.. just can't work out how I install the conduit for the temperature probe as it's around 18mm. I have seen videos where they chase the insulation board but feel it would still sit proud. I have the old...
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    Durability: Silk or Softsheen

    Hi folks, Know the differences between the two but just wanted everyone's opinion about which ones are durable as I'm painting the hall and it's going be high traffic.
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    Blanking off the radiator for re-decoration.

    Hi folks, I'm re-decorating the living room and painting the walls with a lighter color. Looking to paint behind the radiator so wanted to take the radiator off. Another reason for taking it off is that I am tiling the floor and wanted to drill the holes in tiles rather than cutting triangles...
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    3 Color LED Downlights and Alexa with smart switch

    Hi folks, Has anyone tried to setup a routine on Alexa to flick between the 3 colours on the LED Downlights? I have had the lights installed which work perfectly by toggling the light switch but I would like to use the smart switch to be able to do that on voice command. I was wondering if...
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    Fire Alarm Ionisation or Optical

    Hi folks, I currently have 670MBX ionisation smoke/fire mains alarms fitted in the living room. Currently painting the room and realised that I'm nearing the expiry date (Sep 2022) so thinking of installing a new one while I'm there. Question is Ionisation or Optic.. which one is better? I...
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    Painting freshly skimmed ceiling

    Hi folks, I have had the living room ceiling skimmed after it was lowered to add led lights. I have few questions: 1- what paint shall I use to apply the mist coat? 2- what ratio is recommended? 3- what roller shall I use for a smooth flat finish?
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    LED driver fan

    Hi folks, I have recently installed LED strip a on the ceiling.. I have used a 250W Led Driver (power supply) and fan is always on.. which is very annoying.. it will be under the plasterboard so assume it will be less noisy when it's all complete but should the fan always be on? Is it normal...
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    Smart Switches for lights

    Hi folks, I'm installing smart Switches in the living room where they will control the led downlights separately over the dining table and living area. My question is: - Whether the Smart Switches are installed to the existing light switch or the always on feed? At first, I thought Id...
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    Screws for 9.5mm plasterboard

    Hi folks, I have lowered a section on the ceiling in the living room using metal frame and wanted to check what screws I should use to put a 9.5mm plasterboard? I know that the general rule is 32mm for 9.5mm going on Timber but assume metal needs self tapping screws. Please advise.. as I...
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    Underfloor Heating

    Hi folks, Moving to next project which is to tile the living room. I am going to use underfloor electric heating. It's a wooden floor with 6mm plywood.. I have primed the surface and going to lay heating mat tomorrow. I have 2 questions and hope someone could keep me right: 1- what's the...
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    LED lights in the ceiling using recessed aluminium profiles

    Hi folks, I'm looking to install the spotless led strip on the ceiling. Please can someone advise what I need? Its going to be a rectange on the ceiling and from research I have understand that I need the following but have some advice: LED strip (what type is best?) LED driver (do I need...
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    Kitchen Wall unit on Batten wall

    Hi folks, I am installed over the freezer wall cabinets on a batten wall. The units are 600x600x400 and I want to check what's the best way to secure these? There is a hollow space between the plaster board and brick work (40mm). I was thinking of getting the Rawlplug of Fischer Hammer In...
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    Shower leak

    Hi all, Next project, investigate and fix upstairs shower leak. The plasterboard downstairs started showing signs of leakage so I took it off and found the water dripping from the compression joint (2). You can also see that at some point there had been leak at (1) - which is likely to be the...
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    Seal or not?

    Hi folks, Just laid the new tiles in the kitchen and planning to grout today. Just wanted to check if it is best practice to seal the tiles after grout. If so, what product should I use?
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    Tile Spacers on 600x300 Porcelain tiles

    Hi folks, I am using 600x300 porcelain tiles for the kitchen floor which made on 18mm plywood (straight onto the levelled joists) I have bought 2mm leveling spacers, British Standards mention using 3-4mm on floors so wanted to check if I will be ok with 2mm? Looks are not important to me, I...
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    Best sealent for door and trims

    Hi folks, I had to move the the upvc door when levelling the floor. I took all the old trim off and now want to seal apply new upvc trim and seal the door edges. What is the best sealant to use? I remember about 5 years ago when the door was installed and the company had Dow 785 (I think)...
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    Circular Saw blade

    Trying to cut new 4x2s. I have a brand new circular saw but cutting 4x2s is a nightmare.. its smoky and takes a bit of effort.. I'm suspecting it's the blade but not sure.. can someone recommend a good blade? Or is it the 4x2s?