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    Outside tap double check valve

    Anyone fit filling loop Isos. For isolation and dcv on outside taps?
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    Downstairs rads cold at the bottom warm at the top

    What could be causing this. It isn't a sludge problem as the system has been flushed. Thanks
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    For how long after a tap is run. I.e pressure drop in the system. Should this valve fill for after each use? Thanks
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    Magnetic filter open vented system

    Is it ok to fit a magnetic filter on a y plan open vented system. On the return pipe around 2 meters from the boiler. But with no returns teed in after the filter. Thanks
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    Urinal water saving device

    How much water should this let out each time a tap is opened? I turned it down as was filling the cistern fully after the basin tap was opened once.
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    Sealing shower tray to tiles/paneling

    Should you put a bead of silicone all the way around the tray where the tiles or panelling meet before installing the screen?
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    Lopping flexis

    Is it ok to loop flexis over?
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    2kg of grout

    What coverage should 2 kg of grout give. If used on 200x250 tiles around 7mm thick. Thanks
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    Electric shower stud wall

    Would installing an electric shower on a stud wall tiled above a bath. Cause mositure/mold issues in the wall?
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    System cleaner

    I'm swapping a radiator at my house the water was quiet discoloured rusty etc. I am thinking of adding system cleaner before I drain down to fit the new rad. Is this usually ok if a flush a couple of times after adding
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    Kitchen sink mixer tap

    How long are the flexible connections that usually come with these taps?
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    Outside tap drain

    If installing an outside tap with a hose union backplate so no exposed pipework would you still fit a drain off inside? Do many fit drain offs inside as most customers wouldn't be able to open them to drain it down. Thanks.
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    Is overflow pipe 21.5mm condensate pipe?

    As the title thanks.
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    Pushfit soil pipe cowl.

    Do they make a push fit. So male. Soil pipe cowl? Or are the all female solvent weld ones?
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    Where should the vent be in this situation? Or if other stacks on the system are vented, is a vent not needed?
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    Anti vac trap or air admittance valve

    What is the benefit of fitting say a 40mm or 50mm air admittance valve. As apposed to an anti vac trap at the appliance? Thanks
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    50mm air admittance valve

    Can anyone recommend a decent 50mm air admittance valve?
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    Pipe snug

    Do these just fit around the pipe? What if the fitting is tight to the wall/the collar in the wall. Do they not work in this position?
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    32mm flexible pipe

    Can one recommend the best quality one of these ws looking at one on screwfix bi it doest appear like a normal flexi.
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    1800 x 800mm bath on floorboards

    Will a 1800x 800mm bath be OK on floorboards? At present a 1700 x 700mm in. I would spread the weight of the legs 4 by one.