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  1. dougzy

    Finishing interior block walls

    Hello all. I'm very slowly getting round to working on my spare room/office. The previous owners had put up shelves to hide the fact that portions of the walls are unfinished. Would I be right in saying that this would be some sort of cement skim coat over the block, then plaster on top? It's...
  2. dougzy

    Sorting a stair bulkhead

    We're slowly sorting our house bit by bit. The previous owners had done a nice job superficially, but one room that had been fairly neglected was the box room. Cheap bookcases were fitted in a weird arrangement, and I'm determined to convert the space into a proper library but after pulling out...
  3. dougzy

    Toilet seat fitting identification and removal help

    Hi guys. Long time forum lurker here. I have been having trouble removing a toilet seat base with quick release fittings. I have a varied level of DIY experience, but it does not extend to cover this! I tried some googling and reverse image search, but that just brings up a series of photos of...