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    Downstairs Shower room and toilet (Guesstimate)

    Hi All, Before you jump down my throat LOL, i am after a rough cost to see what sort of price this will be. To Brick and roof with waste pipes installed in ground then i can do the rest inside. The Cheaper Factors I live in the West midlands. I could build internal wall and doors and...
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    Removing Cuprinol paint from decking

    Delete thanks
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    Hotpoint RF187BA Fridge Freezer (Warning)

    Morning all, Just a warning to anyone that has this fridge freezer the inside light has stopped on at least all night and believe it or not it managed to cook a few layers of the newly brought ham in the packet, thank god we was not on hols for 2 weeks hey. I have removed the switch to...
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    Rain water drainag clay adaptor bound in cement

    Hi all, Pics in porch album Trying to build a porch while digging the footing out to 450 deep there is a concrete 1 meter section maybe longer going through the footing, I've dug out the existing pipe and come to a Clay SuperSleve 150 Coupling at the start of the concrete, I would like to...
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    Driveway plastic honeycomb reinforcement is it effective?

    Hi all, I' am currently about to do the drive the soil will be removed and MOT1 down and tampered for me. I' am not sure what drive to have on top of this at the moment, so was looking at chippings to DIY i've heard they can move a lot without any reinforcement so was wondering if anyone...
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    Moving header tank 5 foot across or remove from unvented sys

    Hi Gang, Ive added a new album in profile so you can see the pics, basically i want to use the loft for storage and would like the header tank in the picture moving to the right hand side about 5 foot. My current setup 4 years old, it is a unvented cylinder holding 200 LTRS below the...
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    Livestock pen building remove and rebuild a house

    Hi all, Anyone in the planning department could give me a rough and i know rough idea to the likelyhood of removing this building and planning permission granting for a detahed house to be built in its place? the write up is below if it was a good chance i could be very tempted in putting a...
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    Brick outbuilding within 1 meter of boundry 18sq

    Hi all, I fancy the idea of removing my man shed and installing a bigger brick outbuilding local planning said all ok (They explaned the 50 percent rule and max 2.5 meters height so happy with that) Iam confused about building regs for the within the 1 meter rule can i build it this close...
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    What answer would i get scrap conserv to build bigger ext

    Hi all, I am looking into extending the house on the side but in all honestly i should of done a L shape extension but i built a conservatory at the back about 2 years ago. My question is what would the procedure be if i have the L wrap around ext would i be able to use the foundations i...
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    Internal minimum distance between walkway and 2 rooms

    Hi all, Using a free 3d room designer just a quicky whats the spec for a walkway between 2 rooms, 1 room will be a downstairs bedroom then a walkway between a downstairs shower room- toilet cheers Thanks all clubb699
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    Moving outside gas and Electricity boxs 3 meters for extend

    Hi all, Trying to get a rough idea of the price of moving the gas meter, electrical box that are on the side of the wall at the moment, were in the processes of quotes for building an extension so will need them on the new extension wall. I cant seem to find the answers on the Net so...
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    Can you have a open porch without the inner door

    Hi all, Just a quicky is it ok to have a new porch without a inner door, so it makes a bigger hallway, or do we need planning i read the planning portal but it does not mention the inner door :wink: Thanks
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    Electric Sub station garage looking type on new build Risks?

    Hi all, We currently looking at new builds and have been to a few sites, we looked at the plans for a plot we could be interested in, all seems good corner plot, open green area to side, but in front of the house of the other side of the road about 15 to 18 meters away we have a mini sub...
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    Taylor Wimpey to buy or not to buy that is thy question

    Hi all, We are considering part ex of our home for a new build but we are wondering if this is a good move anyone got any good experence in this field and would like to share some experiences plz. We are wondering what the build quality is like on these homes, me and the wife have been...
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    Ferroli Stainless Steel Unvented system expansion vessel

    Hi all, Question regarding to why the pressure vessel was flat please Would i nats cock of a leak were the union is not level on the pipework shown in the pic cause the expansion vessel to lose pressure? the vessel was completly flat last week but have pumped back up and restesting a week...
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    Tiling round a window frame

    Hi all, Just a quicky iam about to tile the newly finshed kitchen, im not to sure whats the best way of starting the tiles from the worktop would you start with a full tile and then half tile would be left to go into the window corner? or is it the otherway round the tiles are 4 inch sq...
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    No water flowing from hot tap but cold water is fine

    Hi all, Just had phone call from mother inlaw, there is no hot water coming out of the system but the cold water is flowing normal what could be the possible cause? i have turned of the swith to call for hot water for now but im stuck what to try next. The system is a gravity system...
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    Carpet underlay what side touches the concrete floor

    Hi all, Just a quicky here does the blue side of the 10 mm foam underlay touch the floor or is it the otherside thats like a waxy side? Cheers
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    Conservatory concrete floor prep for carpet

    Hi all, Quick question finally near completion of the conserv do i just lay the underlay then carpet on top of concrete or do i need to seal the concrete it seems to be a bit dusty if i keep brushing it? Thanks Lee
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    Splitting cable and routing to conservatory for freeview

    Hi all, Is this possible that i can split the cable before it goes to my main V+ box then route this 6 meteres to conservatory have the cable hidden and terminate it at a wall plate.(Before i plaster) Then does it go from wall plate to tv or do i need a box? the tv will be freeview ready...