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    Single skin concrete block advice

    Hi, im building between upright steels, ive to go up single skin 7 courses, about 2.8 span on each one, its for a large shed,told the customer to go with a soap bar( 6" block) on its flat, but was told no my question is this, ive built the first 4 courses today, can i build the remaining 3 on...
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    No water from my redring xpression

    Hi, anybody any ideas, i have power on the shower, but no water coming out, the medium, high lights are not illuminating, just the power light, had it 10 years but have a spare exact same model, thank you
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    candy grand evo washing machine

    hi, before i order a new machine, is there any hope of my machine being easily repaired, loads of scary loud noise when spinning, and on inspection the drum is really wobbly, and is hitting the outer casing if i move it hard enough, havent took the lid off for a look, whats the reckoning...
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    Wallstar burner wont switch off

    So, as the title says, i noticed last night that house was getting hotter, turned thermostat to zero, switch everything to off on the main control but still it wouldnt switch off, ended up taking out photocell and fuse in an attempt to stop it, not sure which worked but thankfully it stopped...
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    shower room studwork options

    im installing a shower room, i have plans but theres no directive for plasterboard type for studwork, i am pvc panelling the walls and ceiling and wondered if a, green board is necessary local to the shower, or b, necessary for all studwork......secondly, would it be advisable to either skim or...
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    ronseal wood varnish is white??

    maybe im getting old, but when i use to open a tin of wood varnish, it resembled a tin of syrup,this stuff is like thick milk, its going on ok, but much much harder to brush out,takes 3 times longer to do anything,brush can be cleaned with soapy water??? no doubt its in the name of progress...
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    oil burner not starting up

    hi, the burner is not firing up at all, not even trying to either, cant remember the name of it either lol, but i posted years ago about the same symptoms but cant find any mention of it, have they deleted all the archived stuff?
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    hotpoint oven dh93cx

    hi, my top oven/grill, has a half and full grill setting, half grill is no longer working, rightside of the full grill still works, just wondered if its cost effective to repair/replace, thank you
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    Hi, my redring expression chrome 8.5kw shower has been running fine on 6mm cable and 30 amp fuse for the past 6 years, replaced the phased shutdown relay a month ago(electrician not me :), lo and behold the fuse has blown twice since, the last time it happened the fuse melted part of the carrier...
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    old masonry paint

    hi, i have 6 x 5 litre tins of emulsion, they are 10 years old, thought they would be destroyed by sitting in a shed all this time, but i opened a couple and they seem fine, they seem to have survived two very harsh winters(-10)among the 10, might use them as a first coat under a similar colour...
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    redring 500s expression cool and cold

    hi, my shower is not heating, however, when its on "high" setting with the temp on "10" it is almost tolerable(cool but not cold) but not quite, as soon as its switched to "medium" it runs stone cold, whats the verdict please and thank you
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    hot water tank rattling noise

    hi, havent switched the water heater on since last autumn, switched it on half hour ago to find it making a vibrating rattling noise, feels like the element is the source, any ideas, thanks in advance
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    tumble dryer/fridge freezer

    happy new year!! my t/d keeps stopping after a few minutes, press start and it carries on a few minutes, eventually all power goes in the t/d and also the f/f...they are on a two gang, nothing trips, no fuses go, and f/f eventually relights, t/d is also able to be switched back on after a few...
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    7.2 electric shower

    hi, i have recently replaced my electric shower unit myself,, its a redring 7.2, running off 6mm cable, the previous was a redring so plumbing in was no bother, however ive since read all sorts of stuff to do with rcd, correct fuse, length of cable etc, it seems to be working fine, im sure all...
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    blocking up a door single skin

    hi, whats the best way to prevent damp penetrating the vertical joint when blocking up a door(and inserting a window), cant tooth it out, its wetdashed, with smooth rendered door reveals, any advice would be appreciated thankyou
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    single skin brickwork is damp

    hi, ive identified the problem, so ive hacked off internal render 3ft from the floor, ground level outside too high and a clown before me tried close a hole in wall(below dpc) from a service with expanding foam,this is the main cause of the render perishing inside, now, ive got to re render to...
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    firex gc 240 mains fire alarm inconsistant beep

    hi, my alarm is beeping when it feels like it, maybe nothing for days then a beep a minute hald a dozen times, then two in succession, then nothing at all for days again, any thoughts please :)
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    zanussi dishwasher no water

    no water seems to be making it through when i start it up, water feed not blocked, COULD be the inlet valve im told, just wondered if it WILL be lol, any offers? CHEERS BOONER
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    wallstar oil burner wont fire up

    Hi, my burner is 15 years old, noticed today it wont fire up, all lights are on in relevant places, thermostat is clicking as i increase temperature, but no action, any ideas please? Thanks Booner
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    redring 500

    See post above cheers