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    Recharging Megaflow air gap when below hot tap level

    Hi, I need to recharge the air gap. Unfortunately, the Megaflow is below ground level. I think I know what to do but need some advice before I attempt it... 1. Turn cold water tap off to Megaflow. 2. Use the drainage tap at the bottom to empty Megaflow. 3. Recharge air gap with knob on side...
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    Buzzing noise?

    hi, There is a buzzing noise coming from either the Bosch Worcester 30cdi or the Megaflo ? It only buzzes when the boiler is on and burners are on. Any ideas? Or should I get someone in? Thanks
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    U.K. bifold aluminium doors - opening mechanism broken

    Hi, We have a 6 panel aluminium Bifold door. It has been brilliant until now. The door mechanism for opening seems to have broken. The bottom part of the door unlocks but not the top. My Wife tried to close the door but wouldn't. She said there was a piece of metal loose that she slid down...
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    3 Core and Earth wire - How does it fit the IKEA Bathroom shelf light?

    Hi, Recently had a loft extension and a new bathroom. We had new wiring put in (3 core and earth wire) as some circuits are two way. I have one wire sticking out the wall surplus to requirements so would like to fit the Ikea Godmorgen Light shelf (see link:)...
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    Bosch varioperfect waq283s0gb whining sound brand new?

    Hi, just bought a new bosch washing machine. When the drum turns it sometimes makes a high pitch noise - not loud, but different from my old bosch. As it is new is this normal for this type of machine?
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    Worcester 30cdi - rattle through the pipes near boiler?

    Hi, my boiler appears to have developed a rattle, which sounds worse in the pipes rather than the boiler. Any ideas what it might be?
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    Chrome Towel Radiator - Phoenix or Kudox??

    Hi, I want to purchase a Chrome Towel Radiator (Flat) and need some advice I'm looking at two models : Kudox Chrome Flat Towel Radiator (1800x500) - £119.99 (5yr guarantee) OR Phoenix Flavia Chrome Flat Towel Radiator (1800x500) - £142.50 (10 year guarantee) The Phoenix has a much...
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    Advice - cost of removing 9 metre privet hedge with fencing

    Hi, Next door to us is a development of 4 new houses. They are replacing the side boundary fencing and we asked about whether they could do a bit extra at the end of the Garden. There is an old, straggling privet hedge about 8 ft high and 9 metres wide. Our neighbour has said we can go...
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    Neighbour using plate vibrator - damage to my floor!!

    Hi, They have built new houses next door to my property and doing the hard surfacing. A guy was using a plate vibrator next to my house. The problem is that we have travertine in our kitchen. My wife noticed hairline cracks, about 2 metres long. This was after the use of the plate...
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    Electric Shower - Triton Opal 3 - no red light?

    Hi, Found my shower not working this morning. The external fuse switch outside the bathroom was red hot the other day so guessing it is something to do with this. HOWEVER.... I'm not sure which fuse in the fusebox is for the shower so obviously don't want to open up the switch to have a...
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    Foot through ceiling - DOH!

    Hi, Just been in my loft, rummaging around for things and accidentally placed my foot onto the floor of the loft. I now have a cracked ceiling in one of the bedrooms !! The crack is a small hole, with long cracks - approx 50cm long in irregular lines. The ceiling is artex and I plan to...
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    Light fitting wires have Clear Insulation - Live wire?????

    Hi, recently purchased a new Ceiling light (Franklite Senza). I'm wiring it up but find the Live and Neutral wires are exactly the same, with clear plastic insulation around them. I was told you can see a thin thread of blue or brown in them, but even with a torch and magnifying glass I...
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    Advice on an Exterior house painting job??

    Hi, My house (1920's semi) is in need of a bit of TLC. The exterior boards need painting on the front, side and back and also a side window. A lot of the paint is peeling off and some wood is exposed. I have a few painters and decorators coming out, but would like to know what kind of...
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    Replace or repair my ceiling? Your views are required

    Hi, I have an old artexed ceiling in a bedroom that has had quite a few repairs over the years. such as cracks and also it looks slightly bowed in places. However, I've managed to put a larger crack in it by stepping onto it when I was mucking around in the loft!! The ceiling is old, from...
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    Decorator needed for external painting - what should I ask?

    Hi, Looking for a painter/decorator to paint the outside of the house. What kind of questions should I ask. Also, is their a reputable association where I can get a professional ? Thanks
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    Megaflow - water coming out of overflow from T&P valve

    Hi, I have a megaflow (approx 18 months old). When the heating comes on to heat up the hot water I've noticed the overflow pipe leaking water (not loads, but more than a few drips). This pipe is connected to a 'T&P Valve. It only does it when the boiler is on to heat up the water...
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    Greenstar 30Cdi - flashing display temperature & -I I-

    Hi, I've never noticed this before .... We had our boiler serviced today, and the engineer mentioned that gas flow was dipping below 19. The British Gas person came around and replaced the regulator. He then reset the boiler. I've noticed that when the heating is on the display flashes...
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    Front door Yale has DEADLOCKED!!! help

    Hi, the interior nob for deadlocking the door fell off (kids!). It seemd ok until we got back after being out. The door has deadlocked itself. I was able to get access via back door. There is now a small hole where the deadlock knob used to go in. How can I 'un' deadlock the lock...
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    Length of time to heat up water?? How to save money on gas

    Hi, Just looking at reducing energy usage and I was wondering about whether I have my boiler on for too long on the timer. I have a 12 month old Worcester Greenstar 30CDi (which I am v.pleased with), hitched up to a Megaflow CL170HE Unvented cylinder. The heating is currently off for...
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    New extension- now getting cracks around the house???

    Hi, Had a lovely new extension in the Summer/Autumn, opening up the back of the house. This required an internal and back wall being removed and steel joists going in with a steel joist pillar holding it up in the middle. Recently, I have noticed cracks in the lounge ceiling and wall...