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    Hafele Door Seal

    Bit of a long shot, but I've a customer who's 2 sets of timber french doors that are draughty. They have asked if a seal can be fitted to the inside of the doors, secured to the face of the door. I've found a likely candidate from Hafele, its on Page 8 of the attached document - Ref...
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    Securing Concrete Fence Panels

    Am I correct in thinking the best way to secure concrete fence panels (horizontal slats), is to wedge them from above with a timber wedge in-between post and panel. Any other suggestions????
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    Scarped Oak Flooring - Any Views

    B&Poo have a solid wood flooring with a "scraped oak" finish to it. It's also known as Home Sense in another store, and there's a laminate version called Oslo. The finish is smooth but with a bumpy texture to it - its supposed to emulate a "worn" look. Has anyone fitted this, and if so -...
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    SKY+ Powering Off - Recordings Safe?

    Not sure where to place this - so mods feel free to move it if appropriate. I've a SKY+ box that I need to power off and move while I'm having some plastering work done. Does anyone know if the recorded programs and planner details will be lost if the unit is unplugged for any extended...
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    Flat Porch Roof and Damp

    I was round at a mates during the week, as he's been having some problems with a flat roof above his porch. There's no guttering around it, and no obvious signs of drain holes, so rain water just runs down the walls. This is now causing damp on the inside walls around the door. Roofs are...
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    Battery Query

    I've a Bosch GSR 14.4 VE-2 Pro drill that uses 14.4V 2.4ah batteries. Does anyone know if 2.6ah batteries can be used ? I'm looking for a couple of replacement batteries, as the current ones aren't holding the charge for very long, and it's a pain to constantly have them on charge...
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    Subbing Work

    I'm at a point where I need to bring in extra trades to help me with certain jobs, and was wondering how people approached this. Do you get the trade to invoice you on completion, and then you invoice the customer for the whole job? Are you classed as the trades "employer" during this period...
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    Hitachi TV C28WF530N

    The top of the picture is "bending", so for example if a straight line is shown on the tv, the top inch would appear to have a kink in it. The tv is 5 years old. Any ideas what could be causing it ?. Cheers.
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    Floor Preparation for Lino

    Having Lino installed in toilet and hallway, but been told by installers that the concrete floor needs smoothing (self levelling compound) prior to them arriving. The floor is carpeted at the moment, and there's a few ripples and slight indentations in the concrete - but nothing major. Q -...
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    Merc Vito - Niggling problems

    I've a couple of niggling problems with my vito (108CDI) that I'm hoping someone can help with. 1. The service computer will not reset even after following the instruction in the handbook. 2. The dashboard illumination is very dim, making it almost impossible to see the clock and mileage...
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    External Run Telephone Extension

    Folks, I've an NTE5 which currently has a telephone off the BT plug, and a bell/sounder hard-wired off the bottom section. I want to run a further extension upstairs, so : 1. Is it ok to run another hard-wired extension off the bottom section, or better to use a double adapter off the BT...
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    tig welder is it for me?

    Is a TIG setup ideal for a novice ?. The reason I ask, is that I'd like to learn a bit about welding to aid in some of the jobs I'm asked to undertake - namely welding lock cages to gates. At the moment I'm having to pass these jobs onto other parties. I've also a bulkhead that I'd like to...