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    Nest Y-Plan Instructions Incorrect ??

    Hi all, So I'm currently planning the install of my Nest 3rd Gen but there's 1 part which has me confused/stumped. The hot water cylinder thermostat (Honeywell L641A) has 3 terminals; C, 1, and 2. According to their instructions...
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    Shower - Hot water pressure keeps dropping

    Hi all, We've recently fitting a new bathroom with a pump. Its a Techflow QT80T Positive head Twin pump. The shower is a mixer unit and when running it for about 5 mins, the hot water pressure slowly drops off. I have to open the hot bath tap to get the pressure back up in the shower. The...
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    Techflow QT80 T - Loft location possible ??

    Hi I have a techflow QT80 T pump and was wondering if its possible to locate it in the loft ABOVE the HWC ? The instructions say "The pump location must be at floor level next to the HWC or a level that is below the secondary tapping that feeds the pump. This will ensure the pump has...
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    Moving the lower part of a soil stack

    Hi all, I want to move the lower part of my soil stack as we are looking to re-arrange the utility room but as you can see from this picture, the washing machine door hits the soil stack so i was thinking of moving the soil stack. Can i put a bend or curve (135deg) in just before it...
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    What's this doing and can it be removed ?

    Hi I've got a wooden joist running from one side of the house to no where. It stops just before the chimney stack. Same from the other side of the house. It sits on top of the loft joists and doesn't appear to be supporting anything. See picture below of the original house plans. What is...
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    Rock salt as a weed killer for gravel driveway

    My gravel driveway is looking a little too green and i want rid of the weeds and grass. Its approx. 200 square meters. I've read about Salt being an affective weed/grass killer but what about rock salt ? Surely its the same but just about 10 times cheaper (ice/snow clearance etc etc)
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    PD - Single Storey Rear Extension

    Hi We're planning on doing a single storey rear extension and hoping to do without the need for PP. Here's a little drawing i did: We would like a pitched roof but i have concerns for 2 reasons: According to the extension guidance...
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    Bubbles/Air in CH system

    Hi I know this has been covered many times before but I've searched and can't find the answer to my problem. I have a Combi Potterton Flamingo boiler with a Terrier Pump TC6. On start up, everything sounds and works well, pump is quiet and smooth, radiators heat up but after about...
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    Extending a Garage - Over 30m2

    Hi all, I want to extend my brick garage with timber frame workshop, this would mean the floor area was over 30m2, do i need PP or just BR ? If i kept the wall up between the garage and timber workshop and maybe had double doors, would it still be classed as a single floor ? Regards, Adam
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    Fire Retarding/Resisting Wood

    Hi I'm currently building a timber workshop and want to fire ******/resist it all. Does anyone know of a good product ? Regards, Adam