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    Laminate ontop of underfloor heating mat

    Hi, which is the best method of doing this? Ply, heatmat, self levelling compound then lay the laminate on top of the compound? Advice appreciated
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    New boiler advice please

    depends on your cold water flow rate, pointless spending the extra on the bigger boiler if your cold water flow rate is only 10litres per minute. If it was me id go for the 28kw ample for this size of house with one bathroom.
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    flo plast pushfit fittings

    yes fitted collars and used there own plastic pipe and inserts. tho they did admit that there was problems with there fittings onto older copper but no warning on there packaging. will never use them again, on the other hand hep20 is superb!
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    flo plast pushfit fittings

    have had repeated problems with the floplast fittings when connecting onto copper pipework all on the same job. the fittings seem to be pulling off the pipe, not all the way, but enough to cause a constant drip. plastic to plastic seem fine, after the 4th leak i ran floplast to complain as i...
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    flo plast pushfit fittings

    Hi has anyone on here having problems/ issues with these fittings leaking etc, have spoke to floplast and they have admitted a problem with the product. anyone else any past experiences that they can share. I have now learn't to never buy cheap c**P again! :oops:
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    Short combi boiler

    glow worm flexicom is the only one i can think of, rear entry flue, still awkward as hell to pipe up in a small space tho.....
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    loft ladders

    hi,just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a loft ladder and hatch with will have at least a minumim reach of 3.1metres. the only ones i can find are a maximum of 2.8metres. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks Nathan Saville
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    bosch kgn34x00gb/01

    bosch kgn34x00gb/01 fridge freezer. frost free type. freezer working ok fridge warm. have defrosted for 8 hrs now. stripped air vents but unable to remove cover from radiator area at top of freezer. how do i remove this? all screws have been removed but not budging, i do not want to force it for...
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    central heating system questions

    if u don't have the valves open maually when refilling the system it creates airlocks. opening the valves manually then running the system clears these airlocks! :D
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    pushfit fittings

    plumbfix only seem to sell floplast and speedfit. not keen on these fittings. any one else know of any websites selling h2o (hep) or polyplumb?
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    central heating system questions

    just an airlock mate, turn both zone valves to manual then switch system on. leave running for a little while to clear air. after that switch system off close valves to auto setting then try again. :o
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    pushfit fittings

    thanks bud i'll have a look! :D
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    Has our plumber put us in danger?

    my advise would be check that the pump has been fitted the right way. usually an arrow on the pump for direction of flow. the arrow should be pointing towards the 3 way valve. another thing would be to reduce pump speed. usually 3 speed levels with these pumps try the lowest setting first. the...
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    Has our plumber put us in danger?

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: been there got the tee-shirt with this problem!!
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    Problomatic Radiator

    was your system flushed as per manufacturer's instructions when the new boiler was fitted? :roll:
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    pushfit fittings

    anyone any ideas of where on the net i can buy pushfit fittings in bulk and save a few ££££! :wink: :idea: prefer hep or polyplumb, don't trust the rest :roll: web address' wud b much appreciated! :D
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    exactly, if i had a pound for the amount of times ive been to jobs and british gas have recommended a power flush id b loaded! this is a get out clause for them! wish i had there job lol! don't agree to a british gas power flush could cost ya £800+, shop around cause u'll get it half the price...
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    Is this a pump problem?

    best to get the professionals in, the longer you leave it the greater the chance of burning out the pump which means big$$$$!
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    Is this a pump problem?

    sounds like a blockage prob on the cold feed from expansion tank, which is making the pump run dry! (no water in pump) be careful as u could have damaged the pump.
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    How can I fix a toilet to tiles without drilling?

    floor tile adhesive, or silicone as mentioned before.It will need time to set tho! doesn't beat screw's and plugs tho!