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    Ideal Isar boiler hot water not working Page 39 appears to show the boiler as having an outer case and underneath a combustion chamber seal/plate and page 53 details how to remove the DHW exchanger...
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    Ideal Isar boiler hot water not working

    Hi, A friend of mine has an Ideal Isar boiler which has been installed for 12 years. His central heating has been playing up recently, it needs filling on a regular basis as one of the rads is leaking (I'll try and tackle this later). However his hot water has now stopped working completely...
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    ADVICE - Standard dimmer and dimmer-able LED's or vice versa ??

    Megaman dim to warm are mint gu10 bulbs, rather expensive though I got them for £4.50.ea from an eBay seller
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    Hide storage heater cables in the wall

    Hi We have a storage heater and have recently redecorated the room. The storage heater wires now look really out of place so I was wondering if it would be OK for me to hide them in the wall. We have 3 units on the wall. From left to right we have a 20A DP switch for the storage heater, a 13A...
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    Hob wiring question

    A gentle bump to see if anyone can answer my question a couple of posts up? 8)
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    Hob wiring question

    Hi people, What we've done is wired in a CCU for the 6mm cable/hob and linked it to a newly added backbox via 2.5mm t&e. The new backbox is for a single 13A socket that will supply the cooker. Please let us know if this is OK.
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    Hob wiring question

    Thanks for the help guys. The appliances are going to run to FCU's above the work surface. With regards to the cooker,we need a plug socket as the flex for the oven is hard wired in so we cannot use 6mm t&e. With this in mind,do I replace the socket with a cooker connector unit (...
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    Something missing?

    non-electrician BUT The CU is missing an earth,also those fat tails are missing a connector block leaving the wire exposed (bottom of pic)? [edit]I'm an idiot,you would have done that to isolate the CU?
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    Hob wiring question

    Cheers. The cooker switch is above the worktop and the wire is definitely 6mm back to the CU. Do you have any more information on spurs etc? I really did like the idea of a socket at the back of a cupboard, but you think this is the wrong way to do things then?
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    Hob wiring question

    Hi, We're starting to strip our mums kitchen in prep for fitting a new one. When I removed the induction hob I noticed that it was fed directly from the rear of the plug socket that was designated for her cooker. The socket is fed with 6mm cable direct to a cooker switch above the worktop...
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    Combination cylinder pump for low hot water pressure

    To be honest, the low pressure isn't a huge deal. Her shower is electric and that's what gets used most - baths are rare. I've read about unvented cylinders, they're pretty expensive and need maintenance every year so the costs are adding up. I thought a small electric pump would be a cheap and...
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    Combination cylinder pump for low hot water pressure

    Hi, My mum lives in a flat where the hot water is supplied from a vented combination cylinder. As you probably know the hot water pressure is very very low in this situation and as I understand it the only ways of boosting pressure are either a) raise the height of the tank or b) use an...
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    Does electrical cable need to be in conduit in a stud wall?

    These links don't work.
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    shower kw

    Barbados is 8,5kw
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    Electric Shower

    I have the same shower, as seco has said the thermal cut out could be faulty - I imagine you'll be able to find a replacement. I might be able to take a picture of ours in next couple of days if it helps.
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    Replacing a bathroom ceiling

    Cheers guys, I can't find 9mm foil-backed plasterboard anywhere but I guess this 12mm stuff will do? ... actually might this be better?
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    Replacing a bathroom ceiling

    Hi, Our bathroom ceiling has both a loft hatch and downlighters installed. Another (easier to access) loft hatch has been installed elsewhere and the downlighters are pretty shoddy so rather than fill in the gaps left in the ceiling we feel it'd be easier to simply replace the entire ceiling...
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    Some questions regarding pipework

    Lagged all the pipework, just wondering about the shower pipe now. At the moment the pipework for the shower runs through the loft. I've had a look and think it's probably easier just to run behind the plasterboard and down to the cold tap supply under the bath - what do you think? Are...
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    Installed Insulation in loft, appropriate gaps for wiring

    :lol: Interesting stuff, shall have a look later for a plastic sheet etc. I couldn't see any moisture on the joists. Would a moderator mind moving this thread to the electric section? :)
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    Installed Insulation in loft, appropriate gaps for wiring

    So today I started topping up the existing 100mm insulation in our flat with 200mm Krauf stuff. I've read on various sites that you're not to cover any electrical wiring with insulation due to the fact you'll be de-rating the current carrying capacity of the cable, but the consensus is lighting...